Advantages of Piece Picking

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If you do some research online, you’ll learn that the most difficult, costly, and time-consuming process in any warehouse is sorting out and compiling different products. This is one of the main reasons why an increasing number of companies choose to use piece picking systems, ones that’ll make all processes quicker, more effective, and more importantly, more affordable.

However, what is this system? Can your company benefit from implementing them? Will the piece picking robots truly cut costs? Fortunately for all individuals that are asking themselves the same questions, the article below can help. Before we look at the benefits of these systems, let’s first look at what they are:

Piece Picking: Explained

Companies from all over the world strive to automate some or most of their everyday tasks, and the same can be said for ones that have to use warehouses for storing various goods and products. In most cases, they choose to implement piece picking systems that are fully automated and that can identify a wide range of items that are located in different containers or other locations. But, how can it sort orders out?

Well, the robot can recognize the position of products at varying heights, it picks the products up, and finally, it places the item ordered in a container or other packaging options. This means that they’re integrated into warehouse management systems via standard interface, hence, they’ll actually receive the orders patrons place. There are various advantages that these systems can provide your warehouse with, including:

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  1. It Can Lower The Odds of Someone Getting Injured

The very first and, perhaps, one of the most important benefits that you could gain from implementing a piece picking system into your business is that they can effectively take care of all repetitive manual tasks, but more importantly, they can take care of tasks that are dangerous or physically demanding for your human employees – something that’s extremely important, especially if you want to avoid being liable for your employees getting injured.

These robots can, for instance, transport heavy products from one part of the warehouse to the next, they can take down objects from high shelves and racks, and if there are any other potentially hazardous tasks, they can take care of them as well. This will most definitely reduce the physical strains your human employees might experience, and it’ll also reduce the mental stress they might feel if they cannot remember where something is located. All of this means that you’ll create a healthy and safe working environment.

  1. Reduce Packaging Time + More Efficient

If you, for instance, manage a warehouse that has thousands of products, it’s most likely extremely time-consuming for your workers to go from one end of the building to the other. Hence, by implementing a piece picking system, you can ensure that you reduce the travel time throughout the building, which can in return, make your human employees more productive since they’ll have more time to focus on some other tasks they have.

For instance, instead of rushing from one end to the other, they can spend that time talking to your customers, thus, improving their overall satisfaction with your services. By choosing to automate this particular process of finding, picking up, and placing the products into containers, these incredible systems can help you save time, and your orders will most likely be fulfilled quicker – which will again, improve the satisfaction levels of your patrons.

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  1. Fewer Crowds And Confusion Among Workers

Besides saving time and increasing your customer satisfaction levels, these systems will also help you reduce crowds and confusion among your employees. This means that there will be less congestion between the shelves and aisles, mostly because there will be fewer employees moving back and forth throughout the building. There are also some AI models that you can opt for buying, one that can optimize pick-up routes that’ll again, reduce the time needed for completing an order.

  1. You Can Improve The Flexibility of The Tasks

For instance, you can choose to implement collaborative robots that won’t require any changes to your current infrastructure. This means that your initial expenses will be lower and these robots will also function with your existing infrastructure, hence, you could transfer them from one building to the next. You can also bring in additional units as your company grows and the number of orders increases, but you won’t have to purchase them, instead, you can rent them out.

  1. They’ll Be More Accurate

If you think about it, human workers can get fatigued, distracted, stressed, and confused while working, especially if the tasks they need to complete are physically difficult. All of these things can easily lead to them making some mistakes when completing different orders, but this could also lead to some accidents, damaged products, and sending incomplete orders to some or all of your patrons. But, robots are remotely controlled by computers, hence, they won’t be impacted by all the factors we mentioned above.

And because of the increased need for people to shop online during the last two years, as well as the requirement for customers to get their order quickly, accurately, and without delays, some businesses might fail to meet the expectations of their patrons. If you want to avoid this, you can implement these incredibly beneficial systems, one that’ll be accurate and precise, as well as ones that’ll increase your customer satisfaction by quickly, accurately, and precisely delivering their orders.

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Although most people simply think that piece picking systems are too expensive and daunting to implement, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, these robots can reduce the time needed to complete orders, they’ll prevent your employees from getting injured, and they’re accurate, all of which will actually help you save money.

Since you now know what benefits these robots can provide your warehouse and business with, you shouldn’t lose time. Instead, you might want to open up a new tab and start searching for an organization that’ll provide you with these systems that’ll help you save both time and money.