6 Reason Why to Choose Aerial TV For Your Home – 2024 Guide

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There is much debate about whether you should get aerial TV or perhaps move towards streaming services. Both are widely popular, with people seem more likely to go for the latter.

However, there are many benefits you get with aerial TV that you possibly didn’t know. In this article, we are going to talk about just that. So, don’t go anywhere because here are our 6 reasons why to choose aerial TV for your home.

It’s Free TV

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Aerial TV refers to an antenna, and if there is anything we know about antennas is the fact that you buy it once and never spend another time.

TV antennas can cost upwards of $100 each. While this might seem like a lot of money, did you know that you can get one for only $20? Yes, the truth of the matter is that TV antennas can cost nothing but $20 and upwards to $100.

If you settle for the cheap $20 one, you might get a poorer quality product in return. Spending $100 once on a TV antenna will ensure that you get the highest quality television on your screen with zero interruptions and screen tear.

A one-time $100 payment is equal to a few months of cable service, or a year worth’s of streaming subscriptions with some services. In return, you get free TV for upwards of twenty years.

Huge Selection

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You might be a strong advocate for streaming services or cable TV. Well, we hate to break it to you but this one is something that cannot be matched by neither Netflix nor any cable television provider.

Going antenna gives you the highest possible selection of television channels. You won’t imagine the number of channels you get by simply buying an antenna.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of your local television, you’ll get sports channels, news channels, movie channels, reality television, and lots of daytime and nighttime shows that will keep you entertained for days.

Also, you get access to a huge selection of high-quality movies and TV shows that are broadcasted through these local channels.

Higher Quality Visuals

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Let’s compare the three top entertainment providers in the industry: cable, streaming services, and aerial.

Cable TV is quite possibly your worst option when it comes to getting high-definition quality visuals. Cable is stuck on standard definition, which further points out its decline as a source of entertainment.

Streaming services are actually quite good when it comes to quality. One thing against that is that you’re also stuck on standard quality if you don’t upgrade your package. Some offer high-definition as the basic package, with options to upgrade on ultra-high-definition.

When it comes too aerial, high-definition is the bare minimum of visual quality that you’ll get. Some antennas come in ultra-high-definition and they don’t even cost that much. A few extra bucks and you’ll have access to ultra-high-definition television. And the prices between all three don’t even compare. A few dozen extra bucks for an ultra-high-definition antenna doesn’t come close to adding upwards of $10 each month on your streaming service bill.

If we’ve happened to convince you so far that aerial TV is the best one, then why not purchase an antenna and have someone come and install it for you? We happened to know the best professionals in the industry that are certified experts when it comes to aerial TV installation. If you need help with that, make sure to head over to mikeharrisaerialandsatellite.co.uk.

Antennas Are The Bases to Build Your Entertainment Packages

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A lot of people happened to be quite fond of both antennas and streaming services. Cable seems to be dying off more and more, but there two are quite happy to compete for the top spot.

A lot of people will also say that antennas are wasteful and add nothing to your home entertainment package. Well, this is far from the truth as you get a huge selection of channels only through aerial TV.

If you happened to be a sports fan, the sheer number of channels for you to watch games is unprecedented and cannot be compared to neither streaming services nor cable.

And this goes for any other genre of TV. It is precise because of this as to why you should build your home entertainment around your antenna.

By acquiring an antenna first, you’ll get the much-needed selection of channels. One thing that we’ll give to streaming services is that they have a huge selection of exclusive shows and series that aren’t available through other means.

That’s why you can also get a subscription and enjoy both. But the important thing is to also have a TV antenna.

You Get To Choose the Antenna

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While this isn’t something that should be the reason why you should get aerial TV, it is still a fun option to have. Also, you can choose from two particular antenna types, directional and omnidirectional.

The former is a type that you point towards a particular direction and you get all of your channels through there. The latter receives the signal from all directions, and it is a particularly useful type to have around.

While both have their strengths, directional antennas are oftentimes much stronger for example, you should make the decision based on your needs.

No Problems With Storms

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During bad weather or storms, chances are the storm will knock out your cable TV or your internet. In these situations, you will be left to do nothing at home.

However, aerial TV manages far better during these emergencies than all three. During bad weather or storms, chances are you’ll still receive a signal and have access to quality television that will help pass the time.

Also, the quality of television will not change, meaning you’ll still watch in HD or UHD, depending on the type of antenna you have. To top it off, this also gives you access to channels that will report on the storms, meaning you have a higher chance of staying safe during these emergencies.