Top 5 All-Time Leading Assist Holders In Football


At this point in football, it is obvious that strikers typically receive maximum credit. To avoid unfair play to the player’s scorers, scoring goals is their sole responsibility. However, have people ever stopped and taken time to consider how difficult life seems to be without the ones who pass the ball to them? Where would great players such as Lionel Messi and others be without players like Xavi, Dani Alves, and Andres Iniesta?

He’ll probably continue to lead the scoring divisions year after year, albeit perhaps not by quite as much. Nevertheless, the idea that those who ultimately score couldn’t have done so without someone offering that crucial ball or clever play is still valid. But which football player has ever had the most aids? Let’s learn regarding Messi’s, Cristiano Ronaldo assists and other players’ assists below.

Modern-day Assist Kings

Football is too much about the moment, even though some groups and followers frequently reflect on the past. When providing their players with the ideal pass, the present assist leaders, who continue to be excelling at the game, will be crucial again in the forthcoming season. We examine the top five assists according to the very new statistics, with some values unavoidably being off by few completely based on how a particular assist is classified.

1. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has remained a mainstay at Barcelona throughout the great, the terrible, and the nasty. Fans of all ages know how good the Argentinean is thanks to his left foot, which has been hailed as a magic wand for many decades. But there isn’t much Messi cannot do when it comes to creating opportunities, whether it be weaving in and out of defenses and providing a clever pass, hoisting a delicate ball over the head, heading it for a fellow forward, or sending a cross into the box.

Messi’s maneuvering in and about the area before launching an amazing strike of his own or setting the ball up for his cherished Barca mates will make the stated MSN link-up with Suarez and Neymar stand out in the memory for a long time. It’s safe to argue that the Catalan club merely would not have achieved all of its success in contemporary football without its hero, and it’s clear that they are concerned about losing him after the summer. Who has accumulated the most assists in football history—the tiny genius or someone else?

2. Luis Suarez


With his devastating finish, the agile attacker has threatened defenses across Europe, frequently ending games by himself in seconds. He has joined some of the best European clubs because of his incredible goal-scoring record and his selflessness in the final third.

Before Liverpool supporters could experience how deadly he was, the Dutch league was the first to observe his incredible talents. Apart from his several spectacular goals and mesmerizing performances, Suarez will be recognized for his close friendship with Steven Gerrard, a midfielder. That bond, though, pales compared to what the Uruguayan had with fellow forwards Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling.

Compared with Suarez’s subsequent endeavor, which involved teaming up with Lionel Messi and Neymar at Barcelona, that approach strangely fell short. The trio upped the ante by sliding past La Liga defenders. At Camp Nou, Suarez’s goals and assists simply didn’t stop, and the South Americans split the weight of carrying Barcelona throughout each match.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo


Although the footballing legend currently holds the top spot on the list of all-time goa-scorers, he still needs some few assists to pass him and reach the top spot. A world famous hero like Ronaldo, though, just naturally rises to the top, and recently having his 36th birth anniversary, nobody can stop him.

Defenders still get anxious when they see him form in a line in the opposite team’s colors, proving his importance to the national squad after another personally successful Euros campaign. During his tenure in England, the attacker won over Old Trafford by often feeding enticing crosses to the square to an appreciative Wayne Rooney.

Given his mastery of the game, his amazing talent has declined over the years, but this still stands at the greatest level. Ronaldo has made an enduring mark at all the places he has gone, and as was already noted, his tale in the last third is far from over.

4. Thomas Muller


Although Thomas Muller, a German professional, may not have been renowned for his flashy ball skills, his effectiveness, altruism, and ability to be in the right position at the right moment are unmatched. The most notable benefactor of Muller’s exceptional qualities has been Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, with the Bayern Munich combination collaborating well for many years in both local and international competition.

Since Muller is untouchable on the field, his position in the squad is unaffected even when a new generation of players rips up the Allianz Arena. The gifted forward, only 31 years old, will undoubtedly go up the list of football’s all-time leaders in assists in the coming years.

5. Angel Di Maria


Angel Di Maria is way up there at the top of the ranking of the world’s most inventive football players, which Argentina has to offer. The teenage player was recruited by the Portuguese team Benfica from Rosario, and for a while, the Primeira Liga was lit ablaze by his performances.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for the big guns to show up, and Real Madrid was able to sign the talented attacker. With his deft crossings and perfect through balls, Di Maria in the Spanish capital truly brought his vicious left foot to the world’s notice, giving players like Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo the easiest of assignments in front of goal.

While Di Maria’s first term at Manchester United didn’t exactly go as planned, he is now back to his best at PSG and is one of their important players in a star-studded team attempting to win the ultimate Champions League cup.


The football game’s foundation is made up of numerous significant elements. Making those goals is just as crucial to winning games as scoring goals. “Play-makers” are players who make plays that lead to goals. And those players who create goals are just as crucial as those who make it possible for goals to be scored.