Applying For A Job? Here’s How Your Resume Should Look Like

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A good resume is very hard to find, and even harder to write. A good resume is your gateway to your new job, so you should pay a lot of attention to it. There are lots of tips and guides on how to write a good resume online. These professionally-written ready-to-use resume templates by Hiration spanning 200+ job roles will help you get the job done in no time. But a lot of attention should be put on how your resume should look like. We’ve talked to a lot of hiring managers and have gotten their feedback on what the best resume should look like. Stick around as this article could prove useful to you in the future.

1. If You Have Professional Online Profiles, Include Them

The world is digitalizing fast and there is no room left on the express for those who aren’t willing to change with it. The first thing that impresses hiring managers is whether or not you have an online profile that directly relates to your profession. If you do have any online profiles, make sure to include a URL along with your contact information. This is done so that hiring managers don’t mistake you for someone else.

2. Include Your Phone Number and Email Address

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It’s always advised that you include your phone number and email address where the recruiters can contact you if you do get the job. Failing to provide one might result in the hiring manager overlooking you entirely, even if you’re well qualified for the job.

3. Avoid Making Your Resume One Page Long

This article by Business Insider found out that hiring managers nearly twice as much prefer two page resumes as opposed to one page. This completely contradicts the golden rule of one-page resumes that have been touted as the “industry standard” in the past. What’s more interesting is that out of the 7,712 one page and two page resumes, 5,300 were two page resumes. The remaining 2,337 were one page resumes. This came as a surprise as even the researches weren’t expecting this outcome. If you want to check out some great CV examples, visit TheLadders.

4. Use Reverse Chronological Order

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A lot of hiring managers say that using reverse chronological order helps your chances of landing the job because they are able to see what you’ve been doing in recent years. This rule should be disregarded only if you’re trying to change career altogether.

5. Use Relative Keywords to Your Industry Field

Companies regularly employ screen tactics that identify the right candidates. As a general rule of thumb, you should always include relative keywords to your industry field throughout your resume. Make sure to identify common keywords, phrases, and terminologies that will help you land the targeted role. By incorporating these keywords, phrases, and terminologies, you are increasing your chances of passing through the initial screening.

6. Provide Company Descriptions

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Always provide a general description of the size of the company you used to work, says hiring managers. This gives recruiters a better overlook of your past experiences. Furthermore, being a director of a huge company is very different than being a director of a smaller company. Navigate to the company’s “About Us” section and rewrite one or two lines describing the size of the company.