Top 10 Asset Recovery Firms In 2024


In 2009, Forbes reported that up to $1 trillion is traded daily on the spot forex market. With this amount, the number of forex scams will likely continue to increase. Also, according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), victims lost over $27million to crypto and forex investment scams in 2018/2019. From those statistics, it is clear that the roles of asset recovery firms cannot be overemphasized.

However, not all asset recovery firms on the web are a go-to company for your investment recovery. In this article, we have carefully researched and reviewed the top 10 asset recovery firms for 2024. Sounds great, right? Let’s delve straight into the reviews.

1. Debt Fighters

The first company we are going to mention is Debt Fighters, which can help you get back on your feet if you have any financial issues. You can book a free evaluation after which they will tell you what the next step is. Some of the services they offer are debt relief options, debt consolidation, collection harassment, credit reporting errors. For more information, you can click here.

2. Stainway Financials

Stainway Financials is a top asset recovery firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. The firm’s jurisdiction cut across the binary options, forex, and cryptocurrency industries, and others like risk and crisis management. Known for its exploits and results in asset recovery, the firm uses a unique strategy to help clients to recover their funds. Fees are charged after asset recovery is relatively low when compared with other top firms in the same niche, and the initial consultation is free. The recovery process takes an average of 6 months. Since it was established millions of USD have been recovered, with over 87% successful case.

3. Martin Kenny & Co. Solicitors

Martin Kenny & Co. Solicitors remains a name to reckon with when it comes to asset recovery globally. Since 2017, organisations such as Who’s Who Legal International places the firm first among other global firms specialized in asset recovery offshore. They focus their asset recovery efforts on areas like money laundering, real estate, and more. The firm, based in the British Virgin Island, has helped several victims to recover their assets, with the partnership of ICC FraudNet.

4. Global Assets Refund LLC.


Global Assets Refund LLC., based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, is an authority in asset recovery. It is home to some of the most talented investigators and attorneys in the world. The firm was established 40 years ago and has recovered over $300 million for its clients so far. The year – 2019 saw the firm achieve hundreds of successful cases, with growing reach. Similar to Stainway Financials, their recovery services span the landscape of investments in the forex, binary options, and cryptocurrency industry. Clients get a free initial consultation and pay a modest initial investigation fee with an extra-low fee after funds have been successfully recovered. The asset recovery process includes consultation, claims evaluation, and fund recovery.

5. Fintex Assets Recovery

John E. Cobb, the President and CEO of Fintex Assets Recovery leads the experienced team of investigators and attorneys. The firm, just like Stainway Financials, has an office in New York, US. It focuses on recovering assets for victims of forex, binary options, cryptocurrencies scams, and the likes. It employs a personalized and results-oriented strategy, combined with its rich network of technology and legal professionals for asset recovery. The legal firm offers free consultation and low fees to clients.

6. Stainway Financials Review


Stainway Financial is the First in the World to Offer a Personal Recovery Agent
The internet has a countless amount of scams that can steal a lot of capital from unsuspecting victims. Especially with COVID-19 on the rise, many scammers create new and more concealed ways of tricking people into giving them money. That’s why Stainway Financial is the first business in the world to offer a personal recovery agent. Stainway Financial is a company specializing in tracking down information about online scam businesses, and they also analyze claims by victims. This intelligence firm now provides individuals with a personal recovery agent. In addition to their other services, Stainway Financial’s representatives will use various resources to regain the money you’ve lost to any online scam companies.

7. Grant Thornton International

This company is a leader in providing clients with support related to the recovery of their assets. It has a long history, and it was founded in 1924 in Chicago. Today, they have a lot of experience and success in many countries like Germany, Canada, India, and many others. IN 2019, they got the award as the best creditors in the world, while they also have recognitions for their success in the field of helping companies to recover, restructuring, and advising.

8. Deloitte


Deloitte is another company full of experts, and it can assure clients with advanced experience since they are present on the market for more than 150 years. They can provide services like risk advisory, assurance, and consulting related to financial plans, marketing strategy, and more. There are over 300,000 experts from all around the world who are working in many companies as consultants, risk advisors, and many other functions. The biggest clients of this company are Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Procter & Gamble, Berkshire Hathaway, GM, and more.

9. FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting represents an autonomous, globally active company, which is assisting to boards and leaderships of corporations to help them resolve or prevent risks from bad management. They are present in various sectors like transactions businesses, operations, politics, financial organizations, and more. The experts in this company can provide every business with a strategy that will lead to improvements and recovery. They have a lot of experience with asset recovery throughout the whole world. Their main goal is to efficiently investigate every case with the lowest possible expenses. They are using various methods related to individuals and data reports.

10. KPMG


This company from Ireland is well-known for its effective methods related to providing companies with financial strategies, legal services, consulting, and asset recovery. When it comes to the recovery of assets, the team of experts of using innovative methods of investigation to find an asset. They are most successful in business arrangements, unpaid depts, non-disclosure assets, and unsatisfied judgment orders.

Last Words

In case your company needs help from some asset recovery firm, you should know that the process of hiring one is very simple. There are many cases where you need to hire an expert for such a case. There are 3 main parts of asset recovery:

  • Identification;
  • Redeployment;
  • Disposition;

Asset recovery is the best method for maximizing the value of your capital. Also, there are benefits related to taxes and accounting. Getting assistance from an asset recovery firm is especially advantageous in case you must go to court to prove that you own a particular asset. Also, you can use their services in case of bankruptcy, matrimonial, and more.