9 Assignment Issues All Mechanical Engineering Students Face

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The field of mechanical engineering is vast and completely unrestricted. It is an extremely broad arena that gives a student an idea about other aspects of engineering as well as opens the pathway for numerous career options. Studying mechanical engineering is therefore a terribly challenging task.

However, the rewards of studying this particular subject are also quite great as it opens a plethora of options and opportunities for the students such as the careers of mechanical engineer, structural engineer, aerospace engineer and civil engineer.

Although there are a number of opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering, almost all students are bound to face a number of assignment issues. Here are 9 of them given in detail.

1. Assignments and Vast Syllabus

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Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest areas of the engineering stream. The syllabus therefore covers a huge number of topics. There are often instances, that students are compelled to do assignments on certain areas of the syllabus which have not been completed or taught in the class lectures.

As a result of the vastness of the syllabus it becomes increasingly difficult for the student to even attempt the areas which are left uncovered in the classroom teachings. There are, however, useful and helpful online partners such as TFTH which can help you in completing tough assignments and be your savior. But that is a different point altogether.

The important factor is that difficult assignments which students are unable to attempt as well as do properly can severely affect the confidence level of them, which can demotivate their course of studying to a great extent. In such situations, where students are compelled to work on assignments that are outside the taught topics, they can form a group and discuss in the form of a team.

Team work boosts the collective morale of the students and can help mechanical engineering students overcome the difficulty issues posed by the assignments given by the professors and tutors.

2. Group Assignments

Group assignments and projects are important aspects in mechanical engineering. On the one hand, the projects and group assignments are extremely challenging and difficult; on the other hand, incoordination among the team members can have a severely negative impact on the outcome of the group assignment or the project work.

Therefore, although working as a team within the classroom appears to be enjoyable and entertaining, in reality, it is extremely difficult to work with a number of different students with various perspectives and opinions.

In addition to that, power struggle in the team while performing a group task or project work can make the operation of working together even more complicated as all the members will tend to become increasingly confused about the aim or central idea and the workings of the joint assignment or project work.

As a result of increased amount of confusion, the concept of the assignment tends to get complicated and increasingly difficult. Moreover, cultural conflicts within the team doing a group assignment can create an extremely strenuous and toxic environment, thereby demotivating the team members belonging to separate cultures.

In group assignments, there are also instances when few members are extremely lethargic regarding their roles and responsibilities, which in turn, negatively impact the output of a certain group.

Such situations also build up stress among the remaining members of the team as they are forced to overwork as a result of the lag created by few members of the team. It is in these situations, that the group assignments of mechanical engineering become excessively tedious.

3. Staying Up to Date

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In mechanical engineering, one of the greatest challenges of the students is the factor of staying up to date regarding the current innovations and advancements across the globe. Even the assignments provided to the students of mechanical engineering demand that they are knowledgeable about the current changes and advancements that are taking place in and around the world. Just the way you opt for TopAssignmentExperts for updated work and assignments, mechanical students are also expected to show their updated knowledge through the help of the assignments they do throughout the year.

Staying up to date with the new technologies is something which is extremely strenuous and tedious at the same time. Gathering knowledge and applying the gained knowledge and detailed insight through an assignment makes the task even more difficult for the mechanical engineering students as they are compelled to understand each and every concept of the developing technologies within a short span of time as well as produce their understanding in the form of an assignment.

As a result of such strenuous activities for the purpose of completing assignments and staying up to date with the innovations and advancements, health and wellbeing of the students are affected in a negative manner, thereby reducing the productivity of the students greatly.

Moreover, decreased productivity is in turn impacting their study schedule and interfering with the production of their understanding through the means of assignments.

4. Writing Reports and Essays

Writing long reports as well as essays are among the regular duties and responsibilities of the students who are studying mechanical engineering. The writing assignments have strict deadlines as well as stricter marking criteria which makes the work of the promising mechanical engineers even more difficult. Instead of increasing their understanding regarding various areas, the students are more concerned about the completion of their writing exercises and essay assignments.

As a result of their diversified focus, the students are unable to gain a complete knowledge and understanding of the important concepts of mechanical engineering. Lack of understanding of significant concepts in turn affects their overall writings as well as creates gaps in their bases of knowledge.

As a result of writing basic reports and essays, the mechanical engineering students get average grades in their assignments and examinations, which have a negative impact on their career.

However, because of the issues of time crunch and problems of time management, the students are compelled to compromise in one of the options, that of either compromising their understanding in order to meet the assignment deadlines or disregarding the assignment deadlines in order to achieve a greater and more detailed understanding of the specific areas of their course.

5. Time Management

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In mechanical engineering, as the syllabus is vast and the time restricted, students face a number of issues with time management. The assignments given by the professor or tutor in the classroom are extremely important as they carry certain points which ought to be obtained by the students.

However, in the pressure of the completion of the assignments, students fail to properly participate in the various activities that go on in the college.

Moreover, the extra pressure of internal exams, project work, presentations and viva make the lives of the mechanical engineering students even more difficult and burdensome.
As a result of the overburdening nature of the assignments, mechanical engineering students are unable to properly manage their schedule and make time for understanding the fundamentals of the subjects. They are forced to cram up the entire vast syllabus within a span of a month or two, just before their semester exams. As a result of this, the students studying mechanical engineering fail to understand the logic behind the various subjects and learn them in an extremely superficial manner.

This is exceedingly harmful for mechanical engineering students as their careers are not based on the theoretical sections, but are completely based on applications of those theories, knowledge and insights.

Therefore, cramming up and memorizing the subjects blindly simply to pass the assignments and semesters will not help mechanical engineering students. They need to know as well as understand the fundamentals of every subject in order to flourish in their careers.

However, despite knowing all of the above information, the mechanical engineering students fail to apply them in their practical lives because of their issue of time crunch.

6. Meeting Deadlines

The lives of the mechanical engineering students are bound and restricted by the problems associated with meeting deadlines for the assignments. No matter how much they stress themselves over their numerous assignments and project works, the students of mechanical engineering have their permanent share of problems in meeting deadlines.

After the completion of one assignment, they have to begin with another immediately. The mechanical engineering students do not even get the time to properly rest and take out all of their stress and pressure.

In a way, deadlines act as nightmares for students who have opted for mechanical engineering. To top it all, the assignments are extremely difficult to comprehend as well as take a lot of time in completion.

The strict nature of deadlines puts extra pressure on the mechanical engineering students. In addition to the pressure of meeting deadlines, their assignments need to meet certain quality standards in order to pass the bar of average marks.

However, due to tight schedules and strict deadlines, mechanical engineering students fail to give their best effort and put in their best answers in the different assignments. This creates the issue of low grades and points, which in turn has an extremely negative impact on the overall grades of the students.

Therefore, stricter deadlines, in a way, reduce the quality of the assignments, thereby doubly increasing the pressure on students.

7. Brainstorming for Projects

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Mechanical engineering students have to go through a number of toils and trouble when it comes to doing numerous assignments. Their assignments are not simply limited to writing answers, essays and reports or even writing semester exams and giving viva, there is a lot more to that. The students who are undergoing a course in mechanical engineering have to prepare interactive presentations as well as do project work where they need to model and design structures and plans.

The design project works require a lot of planning, thinking, doing and most importantly, brainstorming. The mechanical engineering students are always stressed about the completion of their assignments; therefore they lack the bit of free time to brainstorm innovative and creative ideas for their project works.

However, brainstorming is extremely necessary in order to come up with the best plan and design, which if not done properly, will inevitably make the project work of the mechanical engineering students extremely drab and uninteresting. There is a quick fix to the problem. Just as different students take help from EduWorldUSA regarding the completion of their assignments, mechanical engineering students can also browse the internet to find some similar websites such as this.

8. Health Problems

Health problems are common in every human being. However, the pressure of the academics along with the assignments and their deadlines turn the lives of the mechanical engineering students into a nightmare. They suffer from a number of health problems such as gastritis, insomnia and so on as they lack the necessary amount of rest.

The extra workload of the assignments and project works give the student no respite from their busy schedule. Although not directly related to assignment problems that are faced by the students who have opted for mechanical engineering, this is one of the main issues faced by students for the pressure of studies.

The students fail to think clearly as a result of the all-pervading health issues that they face because of their unhealthy schedule and lifestyle.

9. Depression

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Most engineering students are compelled to go through phases of depression because of their busy schedule and unhealthy work and life balance. This is especially true for the mechanical engineering students because they have a lot of stress and frustration associated with their workload, which in turn affects their mental health and wellbeing.

Their failure to adhere to the assignment deadlines, their failure to get the marks they deserve or aim for, their failure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits have a cumulative effect on their mind and mental health. The overburdening stress continues for a number of years, which tends to make them vulnerable to various problems which is also inclusive of depression.

As a result of such mental health issues, the quality of assignments done by the students also tends to falter, turning them into failures.