6 Funny Bachelor Party Gifts Ideas in 2024

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A bachelor party is one of the things that most guys can’t wait for since the day they proposed to their soulmate. This is probably the last day in your life you will spend being single. For most of the guys, this is one of the most sought-after days in their lives. For some, this is not as happy a day as it should be. This claim can be supported by a fact that the term used to describe this event in French literally means “the funeral of boyhood”. Anyhow, this is a big night in every man’s life, it doesn’t matter what the reason is or what emotions it produces. However, the night is not whole if there are not some funny gifts for the bachelor.

The unavoidable thing about gifts for the bachelor’s party is sex toys. Naturally, this is a source for a lot of laughter among the crowd. People get very inspired by these gifts and some creative ideas can come up. Especially if your friends have the idea of buying something really “interesting”. If you are looking for doing exactly that, buying sex toys to a friend of yours, you can check jsdolls.com. Now that we have cliché out of the way, we can talk about some very interesting and entertaining bachelor party gift ideas for your friend. Remember, creativity is a virtue while you are buying this kind of gift. We are going to provide you with some of the most interesting picks we have stumbled across.

Game Over T-shirt

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Reminding your friend, who is pretty close to getting married, that his dating days are over is always both a painful and funny moment. When we say painful, don’t take us literally. Your friend is entitled to one person until the end of his life and there is nothing that will change that. The “game” is definitely over the moment your girl says yes to you. Naturally, giving this gift to your friend means that you are on the blacklist of his future wife, but we feel it is worth the laughter you are going to produce in the room. Thankfully, this laughter is not something that will cost you much, since they are available for less than $20.

Extra Large Personalized Beer Glass

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Bachelor’s party is that you are going to drink tons of alcohol that night. This is nothing unusual. Sometimes it could provide some tensions, but generally, this is the main thing for the evening since you will get so wasted that you will not remember anything about that particular night.

Why shouldn’t we think about combining these two elements together? How do you ask? Well, providing a gift in the form of a personalized beer glass. Naturally, it needs to be in a proper size, we don’t accept anything below extra-large. Naturally, the size is something that really matters in this case. When it comes to the personalization of the glass, you can be sure that you can print almost anything you wish for. Be creative.

Party Necktie

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Dressing up on the bachelor party is something pretty common in this day and age. Many people like to see the bachelor and his crew dressed the same way, representing a pack. One of the unavoidable things you need to have in this dress up is a necktie. Naturally, it needs to be painted in a funny color and it needs to have some provocative print on it, like a stripper for perhaps. This is the gift where you will have total control over the final product, so you can get creative as much you would like. Just imagine a pack of guys having the same, funny-looking necktie. This is a sight to see.

Party Knives

We already said that alcohol is really a big thing when it comes to bachelor parties. Since this is known for a fact, there is nothing wrong with giving your friend a set of party knives. Naturally, they need to be multipurpose in order for your friend to use them during the night. We are not really sure how much different alcohol is going to be drunk that night, so you need to come prepared.

At the same time, printing the name of the best man and all of the groomsman is definitely the way to go. Thankfully, there are a lot of companies who can produce these for you and add an appropriate print. Most of the party knives can provide you with several more functions than just an opener, like a corkscrew or knife.

Tobacco Pipe

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Is your friend a passionate smoker? In case this is true, we have one interesting idea. You can give him a carved or engraved tobacco pipe. Maybe this doesn’t sound like much but believe us, this is a gift that your friend, as a passionate smoker, will appreciate. Look at it this way, it looks highly stylish and it is made of eco-friendly ingredients. This is a win-win situation for us. At the same time, you will be able to choose from a wide array of sizes and designs you can use on it. We mean, who doesn’t like to have a highly classy tobacco pipe? Certainly, we don’t know many people like that, if there are any at all.

Caricature Images

In case you are looking for a gift that will represent something special for all of the groomsman and the bachelor, we would recommend you to make a caricature that shows the whole group. That way you will have something to return later in life and remember some funny stories while looking at this picture.

Also, there is a whole other approach you can take with this one by giving your friend a caricature image on him and his wife. Even though this sounds like a highly complicated thing, we assure you that you can buy this one online and receive it digitally. There are companies that can provide this service for you. At the same time, it will not require too much money on your behalf. You will be able to get it under $60.