Bad Breath / Halitosis


A significant number of people have bad breath despite them brushing their teeth regularly. It is, therefore, frustrating for them as they are always cautious when around people as they do not want people to detect the odour coming from their mouth. Bad breath is caused by several factors, some of which may be unknown to the affected person. The following are a few things that lead to the development of mouth odour.

  1. Food – Some foods are a natural source of mouth odour; foods laden with spices, garlic, and onions are good examples of odour producing foods. Moreover, indigestion following consumption of such foods gives a spice-laden breath.
  2. Bad dental hygiene – You may be diligent in cleaning your teeth daily but forget to floss. If you fail to brush your teeth and floss properly, particles of food will be left on the teeth leading to the formation of plaque. Other people do not clean the tongue, which is another bacterial trapping organ capable of breeding mouth odour. Make sure you clean the tongue each time you brush your teeth. Moreover, make a point to have your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist.
  3. Smoking – Chewing and smoking of tobacco leaves the mouth full of harmful chemicals. Smoking is also a risk factor for cancer of the mouth and gum disease, which are other causes of bad breath.
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  4. Health Problems – You can be suffering from a health condition without your knowledge. When you go for your dental check-up, the dentist will conduct a thorough examination to establish the source of the odour emanating from your mouth. There are health conditions which manifest through this odour including diabetes, common cold, sinus infections and tonsillitis.
  5. Dry mouth – Sufficient saliva is essential in the mouth as it cleanses and moistens it while removing particles of food lodged on teeth. In case the mouth does not have enough saliva, you will experience bad odour. Problems in the salivary glands also give the mouth an unpleasant odour as well as disorders in the connective tissues.
  6. Braces and Dentures – Inadequate cleaning of braces and dentures leaves food particles lodged on them that rot and breed bacteria which in turn produce mouth odour. If your dentures are loose, they cause sores in the mouth that may lead to the development of odour due to inflammation, tissue necrosis or infection.
  7. Medications –Some medications cause dry mouth as a side effect, which is a significant source of bad odour in the mouth. Other drugs break down and discharge chemicals that cause bad breath.
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In summary, mouth odour is not necessarily a result of unclean teeth; there might be other underlying causes for this. Visiting a dentist at least twice a year will help locate the problem on time to commence treatment before complications occur. There are dentists in Parramatta who handle these kinds of issues who will examine you and identify the origin of your mouth odour. If there are no issues in the mouth, you will be directed to a professional who deals with the identified health issue for treatment.  Look for a dental clinic in Parramatta where you will undergo a thorough dental check-up. After you determine the problem, make routine visits to the dental clinic as recommended by the dentist.