Top 5 Naa Songs

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When speaking about a proper way to express your emotions, there are different theories, right? And when it comes to music, everyone has a different taste. From one person to another, the opinion changed whether for music taste or a unique way to express its emotions. In Naa Songs, people are in a safe place to find salvation for their hopes, dreams, express their feelings, and be understood without saying a word. Some even consider Naa Songs a way of living and a manner in which to behave.

Be true to yourself, and those who are worthy of you is the moto. Such simplicity and top-quality sound are only found in Naa Songs with no competition what so ever, according to their fan base. Constantly shaping and influencing a broader audience, this music wave is putting the bar up for the other music genre to reach. The bits won’t let sit in your chair, and you are in for a lot of fun. We have prepared a list of top five Naa Songs that can speak to anyone without saying a word and find mutual understanding in past experience.

Psycho Saiyaan

The first tune on our list is the song for the movie Saaho, Psycho Saiyaan. The rhythm of the song is so contiguous that you will stand up and start dancing with the first time you hear it. We can be grateful for a unique job well-done to Sachet Tandon and Dhvani Bhanushali, who made it unforgettable. Written and composed by Tanishk Bagchi, gives one more applause for his work which is best recognized by his fans. If you wish to hear a similar sound like this one, check out


Number two on our list is the well-known O SAKI SAKI from the movie Batla House. Probably the must-dance song that has been present for a while now. Because of the stunning performance of Nora Fatehi in the film, people will always remember her. Still, the song is sung by Neha Kakkar, Tulsi Kumar, and B Praak by the guidance of the writer once more famous Tanishk Bagchi.


The latest Bruno Mars of Naa Songs is Jass Manak, with his hit Lehanga making it on our short-list. Funky sound and topnotch lyrics to follow up on a standard song that can find you positive energy when you first hear it. Good bits with a high-quality video makes it an all-around bullet-proof choice for us.


Another fantastic creation of the writer Tanishk Bagchi is the Vaaste song. Singers Nikhil D’Souza and Dhvani Bhanushali transferred the lyrics into an emotion that is easy and simple to connect with. Reaching people of different ages while breaking the rules, this song is going to be remembered as the one that shows how you can find what you thought you lost at the start.

Gali Gali

The last but not the least important on our list is the mega-hit Gali Gali from the movie KGF. Tanishk Bagchi is again responsible for the bits that turn our heads around. All thanks to the performance of the Neha Kakkar that this song has reached a broader audience and will surely be remembered for years to come.