Popular Basement Remodeling Trends in 2024

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Most homeowners never take the time to finish their basements. Most leave it as a dark and damp room until they need extra space. If you have finally decided to go ahead with a basement renovation Toronto, congratulations. The next big question, however, is what to do next. To get inspiration on what to turn your basement into, you can look at popular basement remodeling trends in 2024. Here are the main ones.

Extra Bedroom

There are so many reasons why you might want to turn your basement into a bedroom. The main reasons are you need extra room for your growing family, your older child needs more space, or you just need a room for the guests. Whatever the case may be, it is important to make the extra bedroom your own.

To transform a dark basement into a more accommodating space, you need to do the following:

  • Install plenty of overhead lighting and use white paint on the walls and ceiling
  • If you want a dim and cozy feel, you should consider grey walls with bright-colored trim
  • Install ceiling fans to boost airflow
  • For an elegant entrance, stain the staircase

Basement Bar

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This is another popular basement remodeling trend in 2024. If you regularly entertain guests or enjoy unwinding after a long day or week, you can install a basement bar. This will keep you from having to go up and down the stairs to get a drink. Needless to say, adding a bar in the basement will boost the resale value of your house.

There are endless possibilities when renovating your basement into a bar. You can go with a classy and sophisticated design or an upbeat and vibrant one. The basics you will need include:

  • Comfortable seats at the bar
  • Right ambience with great lighting
  • Trendy drink serving table
  • Custom cabinetry and wine storage structure

Man Cave

Do you need a space you can call your own? Why not create a man cave in your basement? A man cave will come in handy when you need quiet time to think or when you just want to enjoy playing some good games or watching the latest show on Netflix. You can create a multi-purpose man cave.

You will have limitless possibilities when designing your man cave. The key to ending up with the best results is to think your idea of a haven through. In addition to the ideas you have in mind, you can consider doing the following:

  • Create a versatile space for both play and work
  • Maximize comfort by installing recliners
  • Entertain with an air hockey table, pool table, or a mini-golf course
  • Install a home theater system that has high quality surround sound speakers

Home Office

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2020 saw many people being forced to work from home. For many, this was not easy due to constant interruption from other family members. This is the reason why in 2024, creating a home office is a very popular trend.

The basement offers the perfect place to build a home office. Unlike the sitting room or bedroom, the basement is in a less-frequented area. You can shut the door and ask other family members to respect your privacy when working. When creating a basement office, you should consider doing the following:

  • Install proper lighting
  • Add a comfortable desk and chair for your office
  • Have adequate storage cabinets to keep your office tidy

Fitness Room

The lockdown not only kept people from going to their places of work but also from accessing the gym. This has seen more and more people create fitness rooms in their basements. The good thing is if your basement is big enough, you can have a home office in one corner and a home gym in the other corner. Having a fitness room means no longer commutes to the gym and paying high membership fees. For the best results when setting up a home gym, you need to do the following:

  • Install fans to promote ventilation
  • Have bright lights
  • Install mirrors
  • Soundproof the room

Rental Unit

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How about generating extra income from the basement space you rarely use? Extra income is always welcome. With the pandemic limiting people’s options of making money, turning your basement into a rental unit can help you generate extra money. In addition to adhering to the laws and regulations regarding rental units, you will need to do the following:

  • Install proper lighting
  • Install a bathroom
  • Add basement walkout so that your tenant doesn’t have to use your main entrance
  • Install proper ventilation


Remodeling your basement into a functional, relaxing living space with an adjacent kitchenette is a very popular trend. This is being considered by most homeowners so that they no longer have to move up and down the stairs whenever they need something from the kitchen. After installing a home office, home gym, or rental unit, installing a kitchenette will be a great plus.

Kid’s Play Area

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Being forced to stay indoors has seen more families stay home with their children. In 2024, schools were closed, and kids could not play with their friends. To keep kids busy, most homeowners are choosing to create a kid’s play area in the basement. An experienced professional can help you renovate your basement into a kid-friendly basement family room.

There are so many other trends that are being considered by homeowners not just in Canada but around the world. Spending some time online could give you some ideas on what to turn your basement into. However, for stunning results, you will have to work with an experienced renovation team to bring your dream to life. Don’t tackle the renovation on your own.

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