How To Create the Ultimate Home Gym On A Budget

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Time is a luxury that we don’t have. The requirements of living in the 21st-century force all people that strive to achievements to adopt a relentlessly fast lifestyle. In this age of juggling employment, volatile markets, streaming services and a tidal wave of online features, it’s easy to get lost and forget that you need to take care of yourself.

At the very least, it stops being a priority. If you don’t have enough time on your hands to frequent a gym several times a week, you can cut lost time and make physical activity more convenient for you if you learn how to create the ultimate home gym without wasting money.

A matter of time

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It shouldn’t be all that complicated: almost every person can spare about 90 minutes a day, or at least three days a week, for a gym session. It doesn’t sound unreasonable. But is it really 90 minutes? After all, there are so many obstacles between you and your gym – the distance, the traffic, crowds. You will easily lose one whole additional hour on the trip from point A to point B, which accounts for unrealistic 150 minutes to 3 hours for one gym session. A home gym means that you can modify the length of your session – shorten it, for example – as well as regain those precious 60 minutes, plus you’ll feel motivated to exercise more often.

Where to set it up?

First of all, you need to decide where to place it. If its place will be in the corner of your living room, you need to know that you’ll be able to make it presentable if guests come over. If you have ample space in your garage, you should check this out for DIY inspiration.

Basic kit

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When it comes to the home gym, you should avoid purchasing anything bulky unless you are absolutely certain that you will use it on a regular basis. In addition, bulky equipment such as bench presses and treadmills are usually quite expensive, which goes against your ‘low budget’ philosophy. That being said, you should browse for used equipment anyway and see whether you can find something you’ll know you’ll definitely use, for a reasonable price. 

You can do some at-home routines and include these complementary pieces of equipment to increase your performance in the type of physical activity you do. For instance, a handgrip strengthener is excellent for people interested in weightlifting, while resistance bands work great for pilates and functional training. Do some research so you can get the most out of your new home gym. Find more advice on YourWorkoutBook website

Instead, start with the basic things that will be easy to move for cleaning. Yoga matt is probably the first thing that you should put in your ‘budget home gym’ cart. The second item on your list should be modular dumbbells with as many accompanying weights as possible – you’ll want the broadest possible range of choices for you for the longest ‘mileage’ out of the items. A pair should be enough for starters. You should also consider some lightweight, cheap items such as jump ropes.


Will trumps all obstacles. If your lifestyle rhythm is relentless, you can always find a way to participate in some sort of activity if you really want to. You’ll definitely feel much more comfortable if you can spare a whole room for such ‘lifestyle improvement’ activities, which don’t necessarily have to include gym-equipment exclusively.

Truth be told, it can be really hard to find time for anything in your daily schedule but working hard and dedicating what remains of your free time to loved ones and family, but if you turn a corner of your home into a gym on a budget, you might just successfully introduced a regular, disciplined habit into your life, no fuss.