5 Tips to Become a Better Cricket Player

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Who’s your favorite cricket pro? Well, they didn’t hit that level by sitting around. They’ve continuously honed their craft to become the top-class cricket player you admire, perhaps even want to be like. You’ve checked out the cricket shop online, bought the gear, and are ready to hit the ground running.

But how can you become a better cricket player? The adrenaline rush, those explosive moments, and mastering the calmness during the intense moments; cricket has it all, requiring you to develop and improve on various faculties. If you’ve been looking for ways to supercharge your gaming prowess, here are a few practical tips to get you going.


img source: pexels.com

An old saying is that practice makes a man perfect, but that’s easier said than done. Simply hitting the cricket field and doing a few drills won’t help you become a better player. You need a strategy. For example, set goals, like improving your wicket protection or the number of wickets you must score during the session.

Furthermore, you could also improve your batting or bowling skills. After all, mastering many skills at a time won’t hurt, but you will be able to mark your niche as a professional player. You can do anything and play any role in a game, as cricket is not all about rules and regulations. It’s also about following your passion. Such an approach helps you develop a better mindset, unlike poor habits, as you aimlessly practice just to get through a session.

You must decide first whether you wish to improve your accuracy or just power in the game because power is what will essentially outwit your opponents in the game. Batting is relatively straightforward, but bowling is no mean feat. Your coach can devise a drill for you individually so that you can improve your batting skills. However, if you are a bowler, you could follow some easy wrist practices of holding and spinning the ball and learn some tactics to confuse your opponents in the game.

But, everything must be done within a limit, and if you practice too much, you could likely strain your muscles. If you feel overworked, quit the game for a moment and seek help from natural ingredients, such as a mint cooling wash, that can help you recover quickly.

Also, don’t forget that you must find a balance between your daily life and your game.


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Your cricket gear affects your play in more ways than you might anticipate. Protection is a no-brainer, but how does the gear facilitate movements? The shoes, bat, helmet, pads, among others, are essential, but they aren’t all created equal. You need to invest in quality and comfortable gear. Such as using a bat with extra grip, a durable, high-quality ball, or comfortable batting pads. With the best cricket equipment like the New Balance burn original players cricket bat, you are a step closer to taking your game to the next level. You can check here: https://www.cricketstoreonline.com/

Strength vs. Weakness

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Know your strengths and weaknesses; that’s a hack that makes it easier to improve. The sooner you acknowledge your weakness and continuously work to improve them, the better you’ll get. Don’t shy away from the weakness; everyone has them, and the only difference is how you work to improve the faults.

Your strengths give you an edge, but don’t be complacent. Keep building on them, especially as they can help you deal with the weak points. Hone the skills which you already have.

If you are a bowler, you can practice your mean swing at a good length and extract a good bounce from the height. You would have only found the art of perfection when you won’t get it wrong at all, and not just getting it right sometimes. Master your strengths, and use them to build on your weaknesses. This way, you won’t give your opponents a clear opportunity to derail your progress, making you a better cricket player.


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You’ve started out as an in-swinger, but aren’t you becoming predictable? You won’t be any better if the opponent can predict all your moves. Evolve your craft; for example, try out-swing, develop, and add more skills to your arsenal.

Evolving your play style helps you improve on many levels. It makes you unbeatable and marks the fear of your power in your opponent’s heart. You’ll find more favorable styles you didn’t initially consider, especially as you build on your strengths and improve the weak points.

Like many clicket players, who have become famous over time due to their unique playing techniques, you could also master the batting technique to be called a boundary hitter.


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Playing with a cricket team means you are filling a role, like a cog in a giant machine, equally responsible for running the machinery as all other parts. You could gather many skills like bowling or batting, but your responsibility towards your team is to master your own role.

Don’t go for glamorous positions; play for what is the most suitable for you. Whether you choose to be a batsman or a bowler, figure out how you can help your teammates play the game seamlessly. Embrace your role, learn how you can fill it, and don’t ever be envious of your teammates’ position in the game.


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You practice every day, are physically fit, and focused, but do you believe in yourself? Self-belief, or lack thereof, can make or break your quest to become better at anything. Because if you think that you are suitable for nothing, you will never be.

It is only natural to have doubts as you play but don’t let it get into your head. Believe you are good enough, and you’ll find it easier to improve and become a top cricket player.

Whether you want to focus as a wicket-keeper or batsman, there is no shortcut. Self-belief, hard work, and persistency will get you there. With the best cricket equipment, you’ll grow your prowess and hit higher levels by the day.