Two Tips to Become a Top Sports Bettor and Improve Your Position Against the House

become a top sports bettor

The world of sports betting gets bigger and bigger, with more punters continuously beginning to experiment with wagering on sports and eventually finding it really attractive and amusing.

But as soon as newbies enter the fascinating world of sports betting, they realize that winning is not an easy thing to do. Beating the house is challenging, risky and often a very difficult thing to accomplish.

While wins and profits may occur occasionally for punters, it takes a lot more than just testing your luck or relying on your hunch to have your bankroll increase. In fact it also takes a lot more than being ready to read a lot, make your analysis, set your predictions, search for the best option for online betting using gcash and rely on some sort of betting edge.

Sharp punters and professional bettors manage to win and be successful by doing more than what ‘textbook’ guidelines tell them to do. They are excelling in sports betting because they have realized that they are not alone in this thing and they are not combating against the sport itself.

There is the other side – the house – which is constantly trying to win as well, and unless they do something to improve their relative position against the bookies, bettors don’t have much chances of sustaining profitable betting.

Bettors are fighting against sportsbooks. Everytime they place a wager on a given market, they are trying to win the house. Given that it is the house that sets the betting lines, the odds and everything that has to do with the bet, even the limits, it is only sensible to assume that bettors should ideally focus on extinguishing or removing the ‘power’ of bookies. Or simply put, the bookies’ edge.

beating betting bookmakers

Since this is quite impossible, bettors need to focus on either reducing the bookmakers’ chances of winning or improving their own chances of winning, by improving their position in relation to the house.

How to do that? Well, if you wanna be more like those professional bettors and have way more chances of beating the house, then you should seriously consider the following two tips.

ALWAYS Shop Around for Better Prices

With the internet making things really easy and with all the information right in front of you, with a push of a button or a touch on a screen, it is a huge mistake to leave the line shopping opportunity untapped.

The web has revolutionized the way people shop in all circumstances and nearly for every product or service in the world. Comparing prices, features and offerings can be done instantly, at no cost and with little time required. Sports betting is no exception. Punters have absolutely no reason NOT to shop around for better prices.

The once difficult process of going around and comparing prices among the brick-and-mortar bookmakers, is now more easy and accessible than ever. It takes nothing more than a few clicks and a few minutes to compare lines and prices in sports betting. There are platforms, apps and sites which do this for you instantly, so you don’t even have to surf around the bookmakers’ sites each time.

Shopping around should never be omitted in sports betting. It is something that can further a bettor’s game and take it to a whole new level, because it is the absolute way to combat directly the house.

With line shopping you actually search for greater profit potentials, lowest vig, better lines corresponding to your expectations of the betted on event and you eventually get a better understanding of the market and how it functions and moves.

placing any sports bet - conducting research comparing prices

If you commit yourself to shop around before placing any bet, then you are more likely to find odds which give you higher profit margins and have lower vig. Combined these two, they give you greater profit potential. If you find better odds, then winning gets bigger. If you find lower vig, again the winning is bigger, but the loss is smaller as well – should you lose the bet in the end.

Added to this, line shopping is critical because it can move punters closer to how they view the game or how they want to bet on a game. If you just sit around with one sportsbook, you’ll be simply going down their road. If you shop around, it becomes you, who makes the decision on how to go about betting on a game.

And then, what’s more intriguing and interesting than being able to get a taste of what is going on in the market, how the market moves or what factors might cause changes in the market?

Keep Away From Single Game Parlay Bets

Keep Away From Single Game Parlay Bets

Parlay bets seem to be very attractive for bettors, especially when they get to combine many different bets and in this way, skyrocket the potential profit in case they win. But parlay bets are very risky too, which means that on the one hand they promise to deliver a lot but they have very high risks of losing.

For many bettors the inherent risk in betting is not optimized by avoiding certain bets. They think that if you decide to bet, you should accept and embrace the risks in all their magnitude and so you should not keep away from bets that can possibly pay back big time.

But for those experienced, sharp bettors, parlay bets are rarely in their top list of betting preferences. Especially single game parlay bets, where the house’s profits can boost enormously and where the bettors’ chances of beating the house are minimal – at least in most cases.

These bets have high returns but they are so difficult to win, that it is like throwing away your money.  Parlay betting is only optimal when there are risk-free options, but these are rarely the case.

Parlay bets are said to bring the largest profit margin for bookmakers. They might bring in considerably higher rates than the typical 5% approximately of the straight bets and so the house will always be in a far better position than the punters. So, unless you have a betting edge, you should certainly avoid parlay bets.