Benefits and Dangers of Vapes

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With technology expanding, there are more and more devices or gadgets coming out. From the modern-day cell phone to cryptocurrencies, every day is radically changing. It must have been hard to believe, but even the day we view smoking would have changed. Instead of using a lighter, we use chargers. Instead of inhaling smoke, we inhale the vapor.

Vaporizers or e-cigarettes have become one of the most popular topics to talk about nowadays. You usually know of at least one person who uses a vape pen regardless of what they use it for. Vaporizers have become very complex as of recently.

It has been said that the first vaporizers were ones that the Greeks would use. They would heat up rocks and place herbs on the rocks in steam rooms. With the vapes out now, things have changed. No more giant rocks being drug out of the fire pits. Now you get a pocket-sized handheld portable device that can be recharged or even re-filled right there on the spot.

What is a Vape Pen

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A vape pen is a battery-operated electronic device that can vaporize dry herbs, oils, liquids or concentrates. Different devices are used for different materials, and they all have different features for different purposes. They can vary in size from tiny and compact or twice the size of your hand. Even the specific type of vapes will have different features and specs to them. For example, dab pens can have quartz, ceramic, and even titanium.

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Vape pens have shown to have many benefits even with some dangers associated with it. Vaping has been around for about a decade now. Many people have gotten into it and unfortunately, so have some teens. However, the overall rate of cigarettes killing someone vs. an e-cig is very different.

  • Help Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest detriments in our society right now. About half a million people die a year from smoking cigarettes, and the rise of vapes is helping that number decrease. Vapes for e-liquid or e-cigarettes help deliver specific amounts of nicotine to help you stop smoking.

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  • No Nasty Smell

One of the biggest unpleasant aspects of cigarettes is definitely a nasty smell. Not only is the smell itself nasty, but the thick smoke tends to stick to your clothes and hands, leaving you smelling like smoke all day. Vapor is the opposite. Not only can it have a better smell, but the smell does not stick to your clothes or walls.

  • Control over Dosing

Being able to pick your specific nicotine strength is very important. This can help you try different variations. You might want to try higher levels of nicotine, so you take in less nicotine overall or vape lower nicotine levels but more often. This even helps with CBD. Being able to vape the correct amount of CBD helps you know how much you are taking in. Many people don’t want to miss-dose by taking too little and not feeling the full effects.

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  • Temperature Control or Variable Voltage

Whether you want to be able to blow huge clouds of vapor or simply change the temperature at which your chamber burns at, having a temperature-controlled or variable voltage feature is super important. If you have a dry herb vaporizer, changing the temperature is very important because you don’t want to burn your herbs. Choosing the precise temperature in vapes should be something you want to look for.

  • Taste and Flavor

With the burning of leaves and herbs, you’re going to expect some taste and flavor changes. Vaping will give you a pure unadulterated taste that is natural. For example, vaping dry herbs will give you the taste that the herb will heat up at.


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Just like with anything else, vapes have their own dangers. They might not be dangerous enough to be pulled off the shelves but think twice before putting your lips to its mouthpiece.

  • Cutting Agents

One of the many mysteries of vape pens is what they include. If you buy your vape from an American company, then you should be fine, but if it’s a China-made disposable vape pen, it’s best not to use it. It can contain many different solvents that we do not know what it can do to us in the long term like vitamin E acetate.

  • Overwhelming

When someone is trying to quit something, they can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. Using this new technology to heat your material can be a very foreign activity. Not only does it need to be turned on, but you also need to fill up your chamber or atomizer with your material.

  • Learning Curve

Going back to vaping being overwhelming, it has its own learning curve. Learning how to refill the pod or atomizer is a task in itself. You also need to make sure the battery is charged, and you don’t accidentally leave it on for too long.