The Benefits of Bitcoin for International Travel – 2024 Guide

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This article is going to be useful for two groups of people. People that love to travel a lot would be happy to hear some useful pieces of advice. Despite that, people that want to follow modern investing trends will improve their knowledge about this subject.

Traveling is an activity that most of the people in the world are passionate about. However, only a small number of us truly visit all the places that we want. Several different reasons do not allow us to do that. First of all, lack of time is the main problem. We usually have 2 longer holidays during the year.

Because of that, we can’t afford to visit a lot of different places. The second problem is the lack of money that we are all facing. The salary that we have is usually enough to cover all the everyday costs. Still, visiting the most attractive destinations is usually expensive. Because of that, we all want to discover different ways to save money. Some of us are willing to sacrifice some things. But, it usually happens that unexpected costs ruin our plans.

Well, the solution that you are looking for might be in the cryptocurrency industry. No one in the world can tell you for sure if digital currencies are going to replace flat money or not. This is something that we will see in the next 10 or 15 years. However, we can’t deny the popularity growth of Bitcoin and other altcoins. Many people still hesitate to apply them to purchases that we make every day. Yet, this article might change your opinion.

Certain benefits of Bitcoin for international travel can show you the positive side of this industry. Let’s find out the benefits that every person on this planet that wants to travel overseas can get.

Currency Conversion

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Let’s imagine that you live in the USA and you plan to travel around the world. You plan to start by visiting Japan, then you will go to Russia, and end your trip in Italy. All these countries have different local currencies. Because of that, you will have to bring a huge amount of money together with you. This might be tough because of several different reasons.

First of all, eliminating the biggest problem of the international trip is the goal that we all have. Despite that, what would happen if you become a victim of money theft? Finally, some of us are not too responsible and we might lose all of our money.

Well, all these things are past thanks to the cryptocurrency industry. Merchants and consumers are using them in all parts of the world. The need to carry a huge amount of money does not exist.

Despite that, finding the right place to convert your money also spends a lot of time. Certain exchanges will not give you the best offer. Logically, they want to earn money from tourists like you. You can easily avoid that by using the most popular digital currency in the world.

Low Fees

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This maybe isn’t an obvious benefit of bitcoin for international travel. However, it will become visible to all the people sooner or later. Let’s use a real-life example that might make things clearer.

Let’s imagine that you went to the countries where you can withdraw money from the ATM. First of all, it is hard to find banks that will allow you to withdraw dollars. Despite that, each time when you want to do that, there will be additional costs. Imagine how many times you will do that when you go to another country. For instance, each day you will have to buy food. There are also fees if you plan to visit some attractive destinations. For something like that, you will need to go to the ATM many times during one day. Logically, you can withdraw a higher amount of money at once, but that means that you will need to carry it with yourself.

Fortunately, the global payment network reduces all the potential fees. It is a great thing that countries that accept bitcoin-based payments are becoming more interconnected. That has a positive impact on fee reduction as well.


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We assume that many people worry about the safety of their money. When you are going to another country, do you know who are you “collaborating” with? You won’t be sure if the foreign merchants are honest. Because of that, it would be smart not to give them your payment credentials. Besides, this is a problem that you can face even in your country.

You probably know how the transaction system is based on blockchain functions. Each block has its hash code that changes each time when someone edits the transaction. Because of that, the transaction you make can’t be edited or deleted.

One Problem!

There might be one problem that you will face when traveling overseas. Indeed, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular around the world. Yet, many countries do not accept this sort of payment. Because of that, the businesses there will ask you to pay with fiat currencies. It would be smart to research if the countries where you plan to travel accept cryptocurrency-based payments. Traveling with Bitcoin would be a huge mistake in that case.

“I Am Affraid to Invest”

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The main reason why people do not want to invest in Bitcoin is fear. Indeed, we do not want to say that all digital currencies did not have ups and downs in the past. Most of them have quite a turbulent history. Yet, taking risks is a necessity if you plan to be an investor or entrepreneur.

The Coronavirus crisis is a good example that neither of the industries is completely safe. Tourism in Italy and Spain was one of the most developed in the world. However, only in three months, many hotels, restaurants, and similar places stopped working.

Participating in the cryptocurrency industry requires strong knowledge and skill improvement. You need to chase the best possible ways to get familiar with this subject. Despite that, you can also use different tools that will help you make better investments. Because of that, visiting would be the right move. It is an auto trading software that can help you earn money in this industry. This is especially recommendable for beginners. They will understand better how the entire cryptosystem functions.