Benefits of Using under Sink Water Filter

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“Water is life”- sounds familiar, right? But not necessarily you need to believe this every time. The contamination of water may kill you at any time. Your health comes first and we always prefer using a water filter regardless of the cleanliness of the pipes in your surroundings. Water may look great but who knows, everything that glitters is not gold.

So then, to have a filter in your house is definitely a better choice for your safety. Among different types, an under-sink water filter can be a good option. Now the question may come across your head, why that one in particular? In this article, we would like to talk about the benefits of its usage.

How does it work?

The basic principle is that the filter is placed under your sink. These filters are in-line in nature and they connect right on your waterline. The system is capable of filtering your water directly at your faucet. The water goes through the filter and goes out through an exit valve that goes above the sink through a hole in it.

Why Choose Under-Sink Water Filter and not some other?

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The whole-house filtration system may not be a feasible option for many of us. And here we get the upper hand from under-sink water filters. They become very handy sometimes. They are one of the most popular water treatment choices for those who are not going for the above-mentioned treatment systems.

Nowadays every developed city has well filtration setups from the municipality. But still, the tap water may contain contaminants. Though you can wash your clothes and take a shower with it, you may not be interested in drinking. An under-sink water filter could be the optimal solution.


  1. Improve Taste: The under-sink filter helps reducing problems originated from chlorine, fluoride and other particles that are mixed with tap water. These may cause unwanted odor or taste which is removed by using this one.
  2. Increase safety: Only aesthetics are not going to work when the quality is not ensured. These filters not only reduce unpleasant smell or taste but also remove lots of chemicals and pollutants from the water.
  3. Mineral supplement: A good under sink filter is sometimes capable of adding minerals that can improve the quality of your water significantly. 
  4. Easy installation: You need not be professional or have tons of plumbing experience to install this though some basic knowledge is required. It’s not that hard as some of us consider it to be. But this is a bit more complicated than its countertop opponents.
  5. Easy maintenanceThis one is more like other filters and you do not need rigorous sessions to do any of the maintenance.
  6. No need for extra space: They don’t take extra space at the top compared to countertop filters. The space under the sink is not so usable like the top. So it helps the utilization of your free space. So it’s obviously a better choice when space is concerned.
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  1. One point of use: This is not possible to use the filter at different points as the under sink filters work only at the point of use. So when you are in the washroom or taking bath you may have to use unfiltered water. Whole-house filters are considered better in this case. If you want to get filtered water in your shower then you have to install another filter which is not going to be a cost-effective solution.
  2. Require separate water filter tap: Most conventional types of under sink water filters require its own faucet to deliver the clean water. The inline filters being an exception can be used with your existing tap while others from this category require installation of either a standard filter tap or a 3-way tap. If you want to have sensory, hands free tap for your sink check here.


Nothing is perfect in this world and this filter is not free from shortcomings. We have tried to inform you about the fundamental benefits of using an under-sink water filter here so that you do not shoot blindly.

In spite of not being perfect, high quality under sink water filters is surely going to improve water quality and hygiene of your household. If you want to learn more about these under-sink filers, visit