How To Distinguish Good from Poor Windows Replacements

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All people might be created equal, but when it comes to windows, the story is different. With so many window manufacturers out there, the competition is also very high, and as such, these each of them have devised ways to make more sales. Some are good, while others are rapacious.

There are many window manufacturers offering mouth-watering discounts to buyers. These window companies can manufacture windows that appear like a quality product, but with time it begins to show issues immediately they are installed. But how do you distinguish between these local contractors who manufacture good replacement windows and the frauds? It is a question that every homeowner would like to know to avoid being duped when buying windows, or to avoid being duped for the second time! That is precisely what we seek to answer in this article.

1. Identifying Quality Replacement Windows

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There are various aspects that you should look in a replacement window when attempting to know the quality of such one. Here are some of these factors;

2. The Vinyl Itself

Both a newly made vinyl also called virgin vinyl, and the recycled vinyl is ridiculously low maintenance. All you need is some water, cloth and soap and you get your windows cleaned once in a while. As such, you cannot rely on this factor to determine the quality. So, you should look for another way to determine this.

With vinyl, it is easy to determine that; just measure the thickness. Most replacement windows retailers offer a cross-section of the window. Scrutinise the window, and if possible, take the measurements of the thickness of the material. You should choose the window that has the thickest vinyl.

3. Check Corners

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Aurora windows manufacturers use three main methods to create corners in vinyl window windows. These methods include chemical welding, fusion welding and screws. Infusion welding, they use heat to bind the corner parts together into a virtually unbreakable joint. A replacement window that utilises thick material is fusion-welded and is regarded as the best quality window. Chemical welding and screws also do an excellent job, but after some time, they may crack and leak.

4. Check The Energy Star Rating

The energy star is an initiative that is also supported by the government and is intended to rate the performance of building materials like windows and doors, and appliances. The energy star rating is usually attached as a label to the item. Not all window manufacturers consider this vital aspect when manufacturing their windows. If they know their windows do not comply with this requirement, and they know their windows will rate very poorly, they usually bypass this process. So, if you are looking for the replacement windows, make sure you choose the ones with the highest energy star label.

That means you will save money on energy efficiency, and this will be noticed after some time when you calculate and know how much you were losing when you had energy inefficient windows.

5. Warranty

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Of course, if a manufacturer manufactures poor quality windows, he is not going to give you a warranty. He knows you will be back shortly. So, when shopping for windows, you should always demand the warranty details before you make a final decision to buy the window. In the warranty, you want to know the number of years which the warranty covers. Know the type of warranty they are giving you. Is it for the windows only or it includes all the other elements of the product?

Inquire whether the warranty is transferable. This comes in handy if you are planning to sell your property. In case the vinyl has painting on the inside, ask whether the warranty coves the painted finish. The more aspects your windows warranty covers, the better.

6. You Get What You Pay For

This is a universal truth, regardless of what you are buying. Cheap windows are probably going to serve you for a short period. Also, when you two window styles from different manufacturers that look the same, but one is cheaper than the other, beware. That difference in price is usually made up somewhere.