Bernie Ecclestone Net Worth 2024

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Bernie Ecclestone (89) is a British businessman who has a net worth of $3.1 billion. Bernie Ecclestone owns 5.3% of Formula1 Racing.

He started his career in Formula1 as a driver but that didn’t last long. After one crash, he gave up on driving and began managing other drivers, teams, then becoming a president and a CEO, a position he still holds today.

Throughout the years he gave some very controversial statements regarding women as “domestic appliances” and that they could never succeed in Formula1 racing.

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He was married to Slavica, Croatian Armani model with whom he has two daughters, Petra and Tamara. He also has a daughter Deborah (65) with Ivy Bamford.

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His third wife Fabiana Flosi is currently expecting his fourth child.

Bernie is also a granddad and great-granddad.