Best Action Cameras Under 100 Dollars

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In recent years, action cameras have changed a lot with advanced quality and better focus. Today, there are many more brands that are producing high-quality action cameras than just GoPro, which made this product so popular in the first place.

A lot of people don’t see the full potential of action cameras, mostly because today’s smartphones have high-end cameras that could replace any other device in most situations, especially for amateurs. But if you are in some sports, for example, biking, there is no better way to film your adventures than having a great action camera fixed on your helmet.

The action cameras can be really expensive too, like GoPro, with its camera that mostly costs over 200 dollars. But, according to FindTheDecision, there are many action cameras that have similar quality like GoPro, or even some better features, that you could buy for the price less than 100 dollars.

AKASO V50X Native 4K

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Akaso is one of the best brands in the action camera market in the past few years, and with the market trends, they are going to overtake it from GoPro if they continue in the right way. The model V50 is a flagship camera with a 4K resolution and 30fps recording.

This camera has a touchscreen that is easy to use. Also, there is an Electronic Image Stabilization, which helps the camera to shoot more steady videos in various weather conditions. When it comes to battery life, it can record a video for three hours without recharging, with the help of its two batteries of 1350mAh.

The camera sensor in Akaso V50 is a 12MP from Sony, with the ability to produce great photos during the day and a 170 degrees angle, which allows you to record almost every detail while you are riding your bike down some hills. Also, there is a great accessory kit in the package, with 12 different tools for mount and a safety case.

YI 4K Action Camera

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The Yi is a company that represents the biggest competition to more popular GoPro. Actually, their model 4K+ is seen as the best option that you can choose over more expensive GoPro Hero. The camera has an option for recording at 30fps, and a 12MP objective.

The camera by itself only costs around 100 dollars, but it gets too expensive if you want to buy all of the accessories in a full package. From other features, there is a great option for Live Stream Support and a lot of color choices.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia 4K

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The Chinese brand Xiaomi has succeeded in the market of almost every country in the world because they are well-known for their high-quality at reasonable prices. There is nothing different from their action camera, too, especially with a model Mijia 4K.

The Mijia has a 2.4 inches touchscreen, can make videos in 4K with 30fps, and it is waterproof. Also, it has a 145 degrees angle, Bluetooth, and WiFi connection. With the price of around 100 dollars and all of the features, it surely represents one of the best action cameras on the market today that you could buy for a reasonable price.

Apeman Two

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The action camera from a brand Apeman, model Trawo, represents one of the rare cameras with this kind of quality that you can find for only 80 dollars. It allows you to make high-quality videos and with big enough battery, which provides you with 3 hours of filming without the need for charging.

The objective is from Panasonic with 20MP AF 1.8lens. The 2-inches display is not a touchscreen, which could make little problems while controlling it because it might be annoying while you are trying to operate through the menus. Also, it is waterproof, and you can dive with it up to 40 meters in depth.