6 Best Casino Players in the World

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Being the greatest in anything is a challenging task to accomplish in a world with billions of people. Being the best casino player in the world is an even more challenging task, but is more than achievable for people who want to put their heart and soul into gambling!

In today’s article, we take a look at just some of the best casino players in the world and what they did to achieve their status in the gambling world.

You can read more here, and find out more about the best casino players in the world, and even how you can become one of the greats too.

Who are the Best Casino Players in the World?

With around 26% of the world’s adult population placing a bet in their lifetime, gambling is becoming a major entertainment source around the world. With 7 billion people on the planet, there are some big names and a long list of the best casino players in the world.

1. Bill Benter – $1 Billion

Bill Benter, a.k.a William Benter is known as the first frowned upon professional gambler. Both Bill and his partner, Alan Wood moved to Hong Kong in 1984 with University qualifications in maths and science. Benter’s analytics mindset and university skills allowed him to develop a betting algorithm that would find the best odds and advantages with horse racing.

Over the course of his career and his first gambling algorithm, Bill earnt a staggering $1 billion and still uses a similar algorithm to this day, albeit a slightly different one. His and Alan’s program allows any horse punter to spot factors that significantly influence a horse racing result, allowing massive advantages when placing bets.

2. Dan Bilzerian – $200 Million

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Another name you may have heard of in the gambling industry is Dan Bilzerian. Dan is one of the most famous and well-known poker players around, and although not all of his winnings are made up from Poker Tournaments, he has extensive history around Poker and has won many tournaments making him one of the best casino players in the world.

Although he did grow up in a rich family, Dan definitely didn’t take this for granted and tried to better his skills with poker allowing him to take home some very nice profits from Poker tournaments which anyone would be jealous of!

3. Phil Ivey – Around $100 Million

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You may have heard of Phil Ivey before, or even just the name without knowing who he is. Phil Ivey is a professional poker player that has been around for quite some time. Phil Ivey has mastered the craft of Poker and has a staggering 10 WSOP bracelets that only Phil Hellmuth had more.

In his whole Poker career, he earnt a staggering $100 Million worth of prize money and other income just from poker. Phil Ivery is still playing poker, albeit a little more casually now with his massive sum of cash behind him every step of the way.

4. Bill Kaplan – $Unknown

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Bill Kaplan along with some friends (known as the MIT Blackjack Team) were some of the best gamblers in the United States for quite some time. This is because of the techniques that Bill and his team used when playing Blackjack in a casino. They would use techniques such as shuffle and ace tracking methods, and card counting of course to give themselves a massive 4% player edge making it impossible for the casino to take their money.

Their fame did end up getting them banned from most casinos, however, they rose to fame again after Kevin Spacey, a legend in the film and television industry created a movie called “21”, based on Bill and his team’s ideas and winnings. You should give it a watch!

5. Daniel Negreanu – $20 Million

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Daniel Negreanu is another amazing Poker player that came from a poor background and rose to fame with his amazing poker skills. Having over 6 WSOP belts and a total of $20 Million in Poker tournament winnings, Daniel is set to be one of the greatest Poker players of all time.

Not only this, but this Canadian is also super friendly both on the table and away from it, making him one of the best casino players, and best sports when playing the game of Poker which just had to earn him a place on our list.

6. Edward Thorp – $Unknown

Although Edward Throp never publicly announced how much he made from his technique, you may have heard of Blackjack’s “Card Counting”. Edward was the first person to truly invest time into the technique and perfect it to this day to make it one of the best, legal techniques to win more Blackjack hands.

Edward studied math and with that, came up with a solution to give him the edge over the casino to net him some massive card-counting wins. In his first week trialling the method, he netted over $11,000 before being banned from casinos thinking he was cheating, which is partially true – not known to casinos at the time.

Will the Best Casino Players ever be Out-Positioned?

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There is no question that with the overwhelming support that gambling, in general, is getting at the moment, some of the best casino players at the moment may be outranked in terms of gain. However, they will still have their reputation and legacy from their experiences!

With casinos becoming more digital and rules being tighter every year, there is a question about if casino players will have the same legacy as those who play on online casinos. Regardless, we count both online and physical brick-and-mortar casinos equally, so wherever you play – there will always be someone wanting to that position away from the current best casino players in the world.


This list just showed some of the latest and greatest casino players from around the world but by no means a finished list! Why don’t you try to become the next best casino player, and let us know you get on!