11 Hilarious Best Friend Birthday Gifts in 2024

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Everyone has a best friend and it would only make sense to get them the most hilarious birthday gift to celebrate your friendship.

But finding this gift is a harder task than what you’d normally anticipate. So, to save you from the trouble of having to go through hours of gift-hunting, we’ve created a list of the 11 hilarious best friend birthday gifts.

The list is a collection of all types of gifts that include luxurious, stylish, memorable, and customized.

1. Sleeping Mask

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to several factors. If your best friend is obsessed with her beauty sleep, then getting her a sleeping mask is probably the most hilarious gift you could.

But not only that, this present is also thoughtful, sassy, and very sweet. Every time she puts the sleeping mask on, she will remember who is there to take good care of her.

2. A BFF Necklace

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There isn’t a cheesier gift to give your best friend than a BFF necklace.

This present is excellent because your friend would never expect something so corny. You can even get creative with the necklace and find something that both of you can relate to.

3. A Fun Game

This next one is perfect when the two of you are together sharing a glass of wine.

Games are excellent for parties but also for a chill night with only the two of you. And what better game to get than the “Who’s Most Likely To…”

Like we said, whether it’ll be just the two of you or with a group of friends, there is no better gift to give your BFF for their birthday than a fun game.

4. A Picture Frame

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Picture frames are so 2000s, and that’s what makes them so hilarious.

Can you imagine your best friend getting you a picture frame for your birthday? You’d go bananas! But there is a way to make this present not only hilarious but also very fun and thoughtful.

To do so, you have to find a very unusual picture frame; one that your BF can relate with. Perhaps the best option would be to get a picture frame that has something written on it? Something along the lines of “We’ll always be best friends because you know too much”

5. A Funny Quote

Since the two of you have spent countless hours together doing wacky stuff, a great birthday present would be to remember something hilarious from the past.

That’s why an increasingly popular trend of birthday gifts has emerged where you make a quote of something hilarious your friend has said.

You can put this quote on a piece of paper and even accompany it with a picture of your friend.

It’s an excellent way to remember the past and to remember how much fun you’ve both had during a particular event. To make this work, make sure that the quote is as hilarious as it can be.

6. Something Naughty

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Picture frames, wine glasses, and fun games are one thing, but the most hilarious present you could give your friend is something naughty.

The point is not to get them something that they’ll necessarily use, but something that will make fun of the whole situation and prove why you’re their best friend.

We won’t get into any details as to what the present might be, we’ll just put a little something that you can open and browse. For more information about that something, you can go here to view more.

7. A locket from “Step Brothers”

You’ve probably seen the hilarious comedy movie “Step Brothers” starring Will Farrell and Adam McKay where they’re essentially stepbrothers.

We won’t get into much of the plot, just know that this is a movie of two stepbrothers that quickly grow on each other. They rebel at first but end up being inseparable best friends.

The point of this present is to make a locket where you’ll put the cover picture of the movie on one end, and something cheesy written on the other.

We are 100% certain that it will be the most hilarious gift your BFF has ever received.

8. A Cooking Book

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This present will only be hilarious if your friend is a terrible cook. If you’ve happened to experience their cooking skills first-hand, and deem them to be one of the worst in the world, then an excellent present would be a cooking book.

Not only will you joke about their terrible cooking skills, but they can actually use the book and learn a thing or two about cooking.

An added bonus to this present would be to get them a coloring cooking book to joke about it even more.

9. Cat Butt Magnets

Everyone loves magnets, and they’ll love it even more if you get them some unusual ones.

And what is more unusual than magnets made out of cat butts. If you know someone that is an absolute cat person, then these magnets will be the best gift they can get.

10. Prank Them

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We discussed hilarious gifts, but we did not once mention a prank gift. Pranking your best friend will be something they expect, but not if you play it right.

A prank present gives you the most chance of sparking a tear in their eye. Luckily for you, there are thousands of prank presents out there that do the job just fine. All you have to do is do a quick Google search and find the most convincing one out there.

The point here is for them not to suspect anything, and that might be harder than the actual present itself.

11. Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

Is there a gal out there that doesn’t feel attracted to Ryan Gosling? You can even say a few guys out there feel the same way. But if your best friend has a massive thing for Ryan Gosling, then a coloring book starring himself if quite possibly the most hilarious present to give for their birthday. Also, name us a better way to get a reaction from her boyfriend.