Creative & Affordable Gift Ideas for this Fall

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Whether you want something for a birthday gift or something nice to surprise your girlfriend, friend or family with you will need to find something luxurious, but you want it to remain creative and affordable. Here is a guide on how to find both creative and affordable fits for this fall without having to pay crazy amounts of money. We have thought about all types of girlfriends or friends and about all ages. No matter how much you will pay for these items, they will love this gift we assure you.

Print or poster in a stylish frame

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If you are friends who are anything like most of my friends who have recently moved into a new apartment or house, you have probably noticed that their walls feel empty. This is because a lot of people forget to buy pictures or anything interesting to decorate their walls with. Picking out the right item as decoration for a friend can be a difficult task and possibly end up in that cupboard which never gets opened.

So if you want to surprise your friend with something nice and pretty and you want it to be something affordable, you should consider getting them a nice poster or a custom print with a frame. You probably know something about their favorite band, their favorite artist or even movie. Use that knowledge to find or create a custom print and get it framed in something stylish.

Custom made a star map

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Another great way to decorate someone’s walls is with a star map. This is a very unique and creative idea while remaining affordable. The whole idea behind these maps is that you can go back in time to a certain location and exact date and time to map out the stars. If you have had a special occasion with your girlfriend or friends under the star riddled sky, you can get an image of those same stars and their location. These creative maps can be a great addition to everyone’s bedroom or dining room.

If you are looking for a place to create high quality and personalized star maps, you should definitely check out Twinkle in Time.

Kitchen tools

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I’ll mention those friends again that have recently moved. When you get your first personal kitchen it can take a long time to get it equipped properly. So if your friend is in love with cooking you should consider getting them some sort of a kitchen tool which can be useful. If you are willing to fork out some extra cash you can even get them a blender, juicer or something similar.

Custom-engraved candles with the custom smell

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This may seem like a weird idea, but creating a personalized candle for your girlfriend, your mom or your friend is a very creative idea. There are a lot of companies out there where you can order a candle with a custom engrave and you can even choose the type of smell. So, every time your friend or girlfriend feels lonely at home and wants some company, they will light that candle that reminds them of you.