How To Choose The Best PLA Filament?


PLA filament is by far the king of general 3D printer filament. It is highly suitable for beginners as well as small industries usage. It is not just pocket-friendly but also provides an excellent color blend. In the world of 3D Printing, it can be readily called the jack-of-all-trades.

Many PLA filament brands in the market have versatile specifications and properties. However, you might be confused about how to get a hand on the best PLA filaments. But worry not! We will cover all the features that the best PLA filaments possess and how you can get the best filament in handy.

What are PLA filaments?

Polylactic acid or PLA filament is non-toxic and odorless thermoplastic made from resources such as cornstarch, maize, or sugar cane.

This material is usually marked as the best 3D printer filament PLA due to its smooth finish and reasonable price tag.

Why should you choose the PLA filaments?


There are many 3D printing materials out in the market. Some may flex their high-temperature resistance, while others would highlight the smooth surface finish or print quality.

However, Among all these popular filaments, some traits of the PLA filament outweigh the other materials.

Here are the top features that make it an excellent choice for you.

  • Biodegradable: The environmentally friendly filament comes from organic materials. In fact, compared to other plastics, it saves up to 65 percent of energy. It has been safe for years and is used in medical stitches and candy wrapping.
  • Easy to print: The normal pla is an excellent choice for novice users as it is easy to print and produces quality prints in a quick turnover. It requires less print temperature and doesn’t require any heated bed for 3D Printing. Good 3D printer filament PLA requires a nozzle temperature of 190-210 degrees.
  • Inexpensive: Pla is an ideal choice if you want an easy filament in your pocket. There is a huge range of other filaments having better quality control and impact resistance; however, this high-quality filament provides great value for money for consistent quality at a good price.
  • Wide range of colors and applications: This beautiful filament has a promising and bright future in the printing world, spreading unique and vibrant shades in objects with the same color as desired.
  • No fumes: The Flashforge PLA filament is safe for school and family use. It releases no odor or scent when heated. The cherry on top is that this filament diameter is optimum for all mainstream FDM printers.

These all features make up the PLA filament favorite choice of many. However, make sure you choose a standard PLA filament, as many brands produce cheap PLA filaments, which can hinder your production.

How to choose the best PLA filament?


There are ample types of PLA filaments in the market, such as transparent PLA, silk pla, rainbow PLA, color-changing PLA, etc., that you would be thinking of buying. They all have various qualities, so it would puzzle you to pick the best filament.

So here we come to the main aim: what factors do you need to consider for choosing the best PLA filament that makes your 3D printing process smooth?

Optimum Filament diameter

The most popular diameter with filament manufacturers is 1.75mm. This consistent diameter creates broad compatibility with most 3D printers. When choosing your premium PLA filament, make sure the diameter should vary less than .05mm across its length.

No impurities

One big issue with cheap pla filaments is the impurities that companies may add during manufacturing. For example, they might add metal impurities to make it more affordable. This, in turn, would affect your 3D printer’s nozzle by clogging it, and the print quality would reduce, too, as it would not melt the same way as thermoplastic does.

So make sure you buy high-quality material from the best PLA filament brands.

Color consistency

The high-quality pla brands sell filament that retains the same color regardless of switching reels. This keeps the color consistent, for example, when making ludo pieces.

If you buy low-quality plastic spools, then be ready for slight color differences in the printed pieces. This is especially essential in businesses as customers expect perfect uniformity. So be sure that whether it’s opal green or translucent red, it should be high-quality and produce a beautiful outcome.

No tangling

Ensure that the filament is neatly rolled over the spool so it doesn’t tangle. If the pla is too tight on the spool, it might cause breakage. Thus, the best pla filaments have the wound right. Not too loose or tight.

Low stringing

Cheap filaments cause excessive stringing. However, high-quality PLA filaments avoid this through their smooth filament extrusion. So make sure the manufacturer mentions this.

In addition, the best pla reduces the warping, bubbles, or shrinkage.

Manufacturer Guide

Be sure to check out the technical specifications of the pla such as how much bed temperature is required, which print settings are ideal for layer adhesion and optimum result over the website. In this way, you can get a better comparison of various pla of different brands

When to use PLA filament?


This 3D printer filament is ideal when you want the outlook and finishing to be more prominent than its durability or strength, such as for toys or decoration pieces. It is more suitable for adornment purposes than properties of rough, wear & tear. It is also widely used to make affordable rapid prototyping, food containers, molds, etc.

You can also use it in the automotive industries for printing fixtures, tools, etc. It is also used in the engineering field to develop visual model components.

But one thing to bear in mind is that this material isn’t heat resistant, and to store PLA filament, you would need a dry area because it quickly catches moisture.

These regular PLA filaments are ideal for hobbyists and small businesses if used well with proper instructions. Best PLA filaments are a great material for your 3D printing world.