What Are The Best Sports To Bet On? – Guide 2024

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There are many ways and activities that unite people and bind them towards a single aim. Sports is one such way that makes people sit together and enjoy the thrills it offers. People supporting the same player or team hoot for them and create a space or community of their own.

Sports have not only been a source of entertainment and community building, but it has risen to many purposes. It has not merely become a source of income for the players, but also for the audience and spectators. In other words, sports have attracted many betters.

There has been a strong rise in sports betting apps in recent years. Due to the increase in social media presence and the information overload on digital media, people have gained every possible detail about the players and teams at their fingertips. As a result, betting has increased.

However, people should beware of trusting fake platforms for betting. Reputable and reliable betting service providers like FanDuel provide such services at affordable rates with a decent user interface.

But, sports betting not only depends on the service provider, but also on the sport you bet on. The following section provides a comprehensive guide to the sports a person should put their money on.

Top 8 Sports To Bet On & Earn Money From

There are various trending sports that people put their stakes on. However, the following sports are the most stable and fruitful to  improve your chances.

1. Tennis

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It is one of the most exciting and enthralling sports when it comes to betting. People have high expectations from tennis. A plus point of this game is that it is played one-on-one or two-on-two, which increases the chance of winning.

People can put money in different segments like sets, overall win, and at different points of the game. They can pick up different pairs of combinations and put their money. Another benefit of this game is that a person can wager during live coverage, allowing flexibility to choose different combinations.

2. Football

Due to its broad coverage and viewership, football is one of the best sports to put stakes in. It gives better odds on various events and top games like El Classico. The competitive odds in this game provides an edge to this sport over others for betting.

3. Basketball

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Basketball has given rise to enormous income rises for many people. There are numerous leagues a person can put their stake in and win. Competitive leagues like NBA, FIBA, Euroleague, ABA League, and ACB League, among many others, are the most popular leagues for betting.

A disadvantage of waging this sport is that it does not provide real-time coverage for betting. However, it is advisable to bet on full time to increase the chances of returns. The most basic and common type of wager in basketball is a money line bet, which means putting money on the team a person thinks will win.

4. Horse Racing

People might be surprised to see a game like horse racing top the charts of betting sports. But, in many countries, this sport has garnered immense attention due to its ability to provide incredible odds.

Although the winning chances might seem higher, the number of competitors makes it challenging to wage on the players. There are various betting platforms providing live coverage of the sport, making it a more feasible sport for betting.

5. Cricket

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Cricket is celebrated like a festival among sports lovers. But, people have now started using cricket as a medium of earning money as waging this sport is easy. It is crucial to conduct thorough research before putting the stakes in this sport.

An in-depth understanding of the teams, players, their records against particular teams, batsmen, etc., is a key to success while betting on this sport. A person should wager on teams with stable word ranking. These include England, India, New Zealand, and Australia.

6. Rugby

Rugby is an attractive sport in many parts of the world. While it can reap excellent benefits when betting, it consists of various complexities in the process. Waging on rugby requires mindful tactics and going with gut feelings.

A major advantage of this game is that it offers several opportunities to win and earn money. The reason for its unstable nature is that the dynamics and odds can change anytime due to its action-packed style.

7. Boxing

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Betting on boxing acts like a sport with big money or no money. It does not have small events to wager on. There are various promotions involved in this sport for different service providers. Like many sports, live coverage or streaming of this sport is not available for people to adjust their odds. The betting market for boxing is very broad as the game’s dynamics are unique.

8. Golf

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A golf enthusiast should try their hands on the sport for betting due to its easy understanding. The only thing they should know is that the betting should be done after a thorough scanning of statistics and a recent performance guide. A person should try betting on competitions like:

  • The Japan Golf Tour
  • European Tour
  • Asian Tour
  • LPGA of Japan Tour
  • LPGA Tour
  • PGA Tour Champions

Apart from these sports, combat and winter sports like ski-jumping are also good sports to put your stake in. However, these games are highly-underrated, but they can be fruitful when taken a chance.


Unlike traditionally, betting on sports and players has become an acceptable norm in society, with reputed service providers emerging in the market. The sports mentioned above provide a real chance for people to earn money without investing massive efforts.

The choice of sports to wager on depends on various factors like interest level, odds, live coverage, waging amount, etc. A person should be clear with which game to put money into. Moreover, being consistent with a amount and game is important to sustain and remain profitable. A person should put more money on small bets to better their chances.