130 Best Two Word Phrases That Will Impress You

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Communication is based on the exchange of our thoughts and ideas. While communicating, it is very important to be precise and to formulate our thoughts clearly. If we want to be understood correctly, we should always think about the words we utter. We have all been taught that words are very important due to the fact that they are the key elements of the sentence. However, have you ever thought about the number of words necessary to express your idea or thought?

Sometimes, in order to convey your feelings and thoughts all you have to do is utter the total of two words. The phrases consisted of two words can be so powerful that they can entertain you, make you feel loved, inspired, motivated, or even make you feel sad. In other words, your whole life can be changed by only two words. For instance, if your fiancé says “I do” when you propose to her, that simple phrase instantly turns your life into the life of your dreams.

That being said, sometimes a phrase consisted of the two meaningful words is enough to convey any message. In case you are fascinated with the power of two-word phrases, you should definitely take a look at our list consisted of 130 instances of such phrases.

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  1. Only believe
  2. Case closed
  3. Dream big
  4. Don’t stop
  5. Love you
  6. Patience, child
  7. Hug me
  8. Let go
  9. Thank You
  10. Marry me
  11. Question everything
  12. Call me
  13. Carpe Diem
  14. Watch out
  15. Oh, wait
  16. Of course
  17. I’m pregnant
  18. Explore magic
  19. Be yourself
  20. Laughter heals
  21. You can
  22. Fear not
  23. Hakuna Matata
  24. Baby steps
  25. Cherish today
  26. Accept yourself
  27. Slow down
  28. Try again
  29. I will
  30. Fairy dust
  31. Don’t panic
  32. Be kind
  33. What if?
  34. Love endures
  35. Miracle happens
  36. Friends forever
  37. Amplify hope
  38. Dream big
  39. Look within
  40. Shine today
  41. Alive & well
  42. Come back
  43. Think different
  44. Find balance
  45. Beautiful chaos
  46. Be fearless
  47. Stay tuned
  48. Respect me
  49. Treasure today
  50. Have faith
  51. Act justly
  52. How lovely
  53. Just sayin…
  54. Notice things
  55. Be still
  56. Perfectly fabulous
  57. Dream bird
  58. For real
  59. You sparkle
  60. But why?
  61. Take chances
  62. Hello gorgeous
  63. Everything counts
  64. Forget this
  65. Think first
  66. Stay beautiful
  67. Just imagine
  68. Oh, really?
  69. Don’t stop
  70. Infinite possibilities
  71. Miracle happens
  72. Invite tranquility
  73. I can
  74. Keep going
  75. Watch me
  76. Hello, world
  77. Step back
  78. You win
  79. Miss you
  80. Then when?
  81. Inhale exhale
  82. Enjoy today
  83. Be colorful
  84. Aim high
  85. Think twice
  86. Stay strong
  87. Getting there
  88. Imperfectly perfect
  89. Loosen up
  90. No boundaries
  91. Start living
  92. Feeling groovy
  93. Shine on
  94. Give thanks
  95. Crazy beautiful
  96. Be spontaneous
  97. Sing today
  98. Limited edition
  99. Just because
  100. Call me
  101. I remember…
  102. Oh snap
  103. Breathe deeply
  104. Look up
  105. Hold on
  106. Pretty awesome
  107. Just believe
  108. Perfectly content
  109. You matter
  110. Tickled pink
  111. Try it
  112. I do.
  113. Save yourself.
  114. Move along.
  115. That’s it.
  116. Radiate positivity
  117. Be humble
  118. See good
  119. Start over
  120. No excuses
  121. Why not?
  122. Work hard
  123. Move forward
  124. Not yet
  125. That’s right
  126. Be nice
  127. Be persistent
  128. Start somewhere
  129. Stay hopeful
  130. Smile often
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To conclude, the two-word phrases are often more effective that numerous sentences. They hold the power in many life events and represent a unique construction responsible for the things we may feel when we hear or say them paper writer. Therefore, their important role in communication indeed makes us cherish the simplicity and significance of any uttered word.