Betty Moon – Raising hell with ‘Hellucination’

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The Toronto born, Los Angeles based songwriter, producer and industry vet is just getting started and has been gaining momentum in 2019.

At some point at a very young age, musician Betty Moon made the commitment to make music her life’s work. Not everyone can fathom the work and creativity (and patience) it takes to make it as a recording artist, let alone one who wields a diverse set of skills to really navigate waters that are unpredictable and more often than not against you at most times. ” Perhaps the 90’s were a bit more kind to those in the American music scene, where digital music was mostly non-existent and a trip to the record store was a requirement for new music purchases,” says Moon. The vibrant Toronto scene was somewhat ignored but was just as relevant. “Some great music such as the band my brother toured with I Mother Earth, my buddies in Gutsonic, Glueleg and the swagger of Shovelhead Jones who I was fond of. ” Hell, I even liked Jesus Christ (the Toronto band)”. They were a hell of an entertaining local rock band that got my attention in those days”.

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Moon’s electro punk band Bambi proved that the tried and tested art of getting outside to network was, and still is a major reason why artists are finding growth and are ultimately remembered with their musical legacy. Growing up in decades of diverse, iconic music including James Brown, Led Zeppelin, Patti Smith, The Stones, Depeche Mode, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, and Joy Division wore off on Moon pretty easily, and became a staple influence in her early sound with Bambi and eventually with her solo work as Betty Moon. It was the wild west of the music industry, and Moon was destined to maneuver her way through all barriers. After being signed as a teenager to A&M Records Moon formed her solo career, and fast forward 15+ years later and Moon has 9 studio albums, countless singles, a production company (Evolver Music) and ultimately a thriving career in an industry that most can’t last half a decade in. “I’ve always given to this crazy universe. Given my heart and soul to doing the right things, helping people. Singing from my head and also from my heart. I know I’m off to heaven after this life. I’ve been misunderstood as an artist but I’m not searching for understanding. I’m only here to express myself best I can, and sometimes it’s not something I control. I realize the energy that I bring voice to, can sometimes come from somewhere else and that is always a blessing”. Says Betty

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After ultimately relocating to the Los Angeles area, Moon fine-tuned her distinct Rock N’ Roll, modern alternative pop sound and began dropping in heavy influences of electronic, trip-hop and club/radio-worthy EDM production to create what is essentially Betty Moon 2.0, carrying a sound and vibe that is easy to identify but difficult to predict. Over the past few years Moon has dropped several media praised albums, including ‘Amourphous’, ‘Pantomania’, ‘Chrome’ and 2019’s ‘Hellucination’. Her latest album includes the singles “Save My Soul”, “Violent City” and “Crazy” which has a couple remixes that have been getting attention online and in the clubs.

It’s not everyday you find an artist with the work ethic and release schedule that Moon holds, and we’re impressed with how she maintains such a sharp, relevant fashion sense while likely spending hours a day holed up in recording studios and edit bays for her music video work. We had the chance to speak with her about ‘Hellucination’ and her latest singles and she had some great insight for us. “Hellucination” was written and actually includes just a fraction of the music I’ve written in 2018/2019” says Moon. “The follow-up EP “Hellucination (EP)” includes some killer remixes I put together and even some tracks not on the main album”. It’s incredible that an artist can keep all this together as an independent, but is a testament to the times we live in where major labels and big managers can only take you so far.

We couldn’t help but notice Moon’s musical range and influence is wider than the Pacific ocean at times, and yet it’s refreshingly done right and just works for her brand. Listening to “Save My Soul” is so anthemic, groovy and has an EDM twist that could impress even your most die-hard festival millennial. Then we jump into tracks like “Get Your Gun” which conjure late 90’s alt/pop guitar rock with an essence of ‘Garbage 2.0’ and times where this sound was inescapable on the airwaves. Thankfully rock n’ roll never dies and the greats always stand out when put into the world (and on Spotify).

Selections from the ‘Hellucination EP’ that really stood out were “Fear Takes Control” with its throwback electronic/house energy and her eclectic remixes of “Crazy” which take listeners on different auditory adventures with each listen. Both the EP and full length are both on Spotify and Apple Music along with other singles including “Crazy”, “Save My Soul” and some killer remixes of the mentioned. Learn more about Betty Moon at – Follow the Moon on and on Spotify, Tidal and Pandora Radio where her sound stands out to many of her devoted followers and listeners.