6 Gifts to Give to the Creatives in Your Life    

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Whenever you decide to give gifts to your loved ones then it should be your preference to find a masterpiece that suits his or her personality. If you have an artist in your social circle then the best gift that you can give him is inspiration and your support.

Whether your friend is a writer, painter or musician it is necessary to find a unique gift that can not only give him or her pleasure but also shows how much you are concerned with them. There are countless ideas on how you can embrace the creativity of your loved one through your special gift.

Whatever you choose should be self-expressing and budget-friendly, here we have described the 6 best gifts on which you can rely. Trust our choice and have a look at what we have suggested for your creatives.

1. Custom paint by numbers kit

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Painting is an activity that is loved by most people regardless of their age or gender. If your friend or any family member loves to paint then you have a lot of choices to impress them with your gift. People love to paint and admire creative paintings.

You can go for a good paint by numbers kit and let them enjoy making paint by numbers. The paint by number kit is easily accessible and pleasant to have. Sometimes it is important to love yourself and give yourself gifts like a paint by numbers kit and now you can. Click Here make your paint by number.

The paint by number art set contains all the essentials that you or your creative friend need to start an artistic project. It contains different types of paint brushes of different sizes and paints pots that are reusable along with canvas rolled.

2. YOU ARE AN ARTIST: a book by Sarah Urist Green

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The best gift that you can give to your creative friend is inspiration and support. You can also find something that spurs creativity and lets your creatives explore themself. People who are exploring them love a passionate book that helps them to reveal their artistic nature.

You are an artist” is a compiled book that comes with different tasks or assignments. These tasks are designed by different artists and the goal is to make you your best version. Most of the tasks are based on visual art or to encourage observation skills. This is surely a gift that people will love to revisit.

3. Freewrite smart typewriter

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A freewrite smart typewriter is an excellent gift for an inspiring writer or for any person who is creative in putting words to the page. This device comes with an excellent mechanical keyboard along with an e-ink display. Additionally, it can sync to the web online.

It does not provide any feature to play a game or to watch YouTube or to browse so any writer can easily perform without distraction. In the start, people may find some difficulty in getting used to the E Ink screen and keyboard but when the writing is done both things will seem assets.

It could be a serious investment but gifting this to a writer can help him or her to get a great motivation to write on which they are working enthusiastically.

4. File recorder

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For your creative musician friend, it is important to record or capture samples. Regardless of the profession or the hobby, it is important to jute notes, some people write them, or some record them. There are applications that can help out but they also record distracting voices and may not be effective.

Your friend loves a device that will help him or her to document ideas or document sounds all capture interesting lectures without distraction. A decent field recorder is an excellent weapon or tool for a creative person.

It is a versatile gift as anyone can get benefitted from its services. It could be a writer who can record a talk on a novel which the team is working on or it could be a reporter who can make notes of interviews. Whoever is the person, or can enjoy it without worrying about battery dying.

5. Apple pencil

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We all know that Apple users are very concerned about Apple products and from the last few years iPads have grabbed the attention of many creative minds because of the iPad’s intuitive nature. There is nothing more important than the Apple pencil that has contributed to the creative skills of an iPad holder.

If your friend is having an iPad then you can go for a second-generation Apple pencil that is more convenient because of its magnetic charging method. It has less latency that lets you enjoy the feeling of drawing like a traditional paper and pencil. People also love the Apple pencil because of its excellent battery timing.

In short, your creative painter or sketcher friend would love to try this, where it can replace traditional art forms.

6. Noise-canceling headphones

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We have noticed that the people who are writers, readers, or painters must need silence to pay full attention to their work. But they have to face a lot of difficulties while working just because of external noise that becomes the cause of distracting them.

We can provide them a source of merry by giving them noise-canceling headphones. These headphones prove to be very helpful especially when a person is working from home. These headphones allow users to protect their hearing by getting rid of all types of external noises and distractions.

In short, for getting rid of environmental noise and to gain complete silence for some time, noise-canceling headphones are playing a great role in the market.

Ending Remarks

It is important to plan before buying a gift for your loved ones. A gift suitable with the receiver’s personality not only shows your affection but also facilitates your friend or family member in enjoying what they love to do.

Above we have described 6 gifts that you can give to your creative friend or family member. Go through the options and decide which suits your loved ones.