Biggest EuroJackpot Wins Ever

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When it comes to earning money, one of the best ways to do it is by winning the lottery. It isn’t exactly “earning”, but we all know that the sweetest money is the one we didn’t really work hard for. Lotteries are a concept that exists for a very long time, and as each year goes by, more and more countries are making their own national lotteries.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with what a lottery or a jackpot is, it’s basically a game of luck where, for a very small entry fee, you are able to win some life-changing amounts of money. Only the luckiest people get to enjoy the feeling of becoming a millionaire over-night, so if you think that you’re blessed with some good luck, try entering the competition.


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EuroJackpot is a concept that allows many countries from Europe to participate in the lotto draw. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, and a lot of other countries that we’re not going to list for the sake of the length of this article. You can find more information about the countries participating online.

The money-winning concept is very simple. You need to match five correct numbers out of possible fifty, and then another two supplementary numbers out of the other ten.

According to some calculations and statistics on the internet, the chances of winning the jackpot are something like 1:95,344,200, and even though the numbers give you that feeling of something that’s impossible, it’s still worth the try. Two dollars will change nothing, but if you end up winning something, it will definitely be a huge difference. Visit if you are interested in learning more.

Biggest EuroJackpot wins

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Here are some of the most notable EuroJackpot wins that took place in the past. We’re going to rank them by the amount of money won.

– Back in 2019, on 08.23 to be more precise, Finland won 90,000,000.00 in Euros, which translates to 82,399,500,00 in pounds.
– On 02-09-2018, Finland made another very notable win with the same amount of money like the previous one we mentioned.
– 10-14-2016 was a lucky day for Germany, and they won 81,022,500.00 in Pounds, which translates to 90,000,000.00 in Euros.
– The Czech Republic got very lucky on 05-15-2015, which is a pretty unique date that has to be a sign of something. The price won was 90,000,000.00 Euros, which back then translated to 65,506,050.00
– Finland just doesn’t stop being lucky, so once again, in 2017, on 04-14 to be more precise, they won the jackpot with 86,970,702.80 Euros, meaning 73,677,230.88 Pounds.

As you can already see, the amount of money being won on the EuroJackpot is pretty mind-blowing, and although it might not be the highest amongst all lotteries in the world, the frequency of drawing winners is definitely the highest compared to all others. For those of you that are wondering, the choosing of winners takes place at Helsinki, every Friday at about 21:00 local time. The evaluation of the tickets, however, is done in Denmark and Germany.