Booster WooCommerce Plugin Review – Providing 100+ Modules for Your Online Store


Running a successful eCommerce store can be tricky since many issues should be overcome. However, there are tools to help you grow your business and increase your profits. One such tool is the array of Booster plugins for WooCommerce. This WordPress extension can enhance your online store in many ways, solving the oft issues of WooCommerce shipping, WooCommerce short codes, and WooCommerce payment gateways –

In our hands-on Booster for WooCommerce check, we’ll take a look at the best features of this plugin. Thus, this review aims to help you decide if this is the right plugin for your eCommerce store and if it has the potential to grow your business.

About Booster for WooCommerce


Booster for WooCommerce is available both as a premium plugin and as a comparatively limited freeware version. This article will, in turn, be focused on the more powerful premium version – a Booster Plus, and you can buy it by click.

Suppose you are serious about growing your eCommerce store by generating more sales and increasing your profits. In that case, you will surely want to invest some amount in a tool that can offer exciting business management features.

So before we get into the complete feature set of Booster for WooCommerce, here are the main things you need to know about the plugin:

  • Over 100 modules that can be activated individually;
  • Multi-currency tools and pricing information for each product;
  • More control over “add to cart” and other buttons and pricing options;
  • Customization of product processing, including auto-generator of articles and “frequently bought together” WooCommerce functionality;
  • Control over the shopping process by including custom fields, working with order payment, and adding custom information to the checkout page;
  • Additional options for payment systems, including additional fees or discounts for specific systems, as well as minimum and maximum, amount to enable or disable particular payment systems;
  • Enhanced shipping and order processing functionality, including a custom shipping calculator tool, setting shipping methods by city, and shipping time estimates;
  • Lots of other functions.

Best Booster for WooCommerce Features

WooCommerce Product Input Fields Module


This module gives your customers the ability to send additional information to their orders. For example, maybe you offer regular t-shirt printing – then you can do custom t-shirt printing. Thanks to this module, you can add one or more input fields to your product pages.

When customizing input lines, you get a good level of control over how they work. Choosing from a long list of input types, setting fields as needed, and entering auto-complete text are just some of the features of this module. In addition, since the module can be enabled for all of your products, it is a potent tool for requesting additional information from your customers.

WooCommerce Name Your Price Module

That could be an exciting module for your eCommerce store. By giving your customers the ability to name their price for a product, you can increase the number of sales your store gets without cutting costs across the board.

You can enable this module for one, several, or all of your products as you wish. In addition, you can enter minimum and maximum price thresholds to avoid too low price claims. If you’re looking to add some freshness to your store, this module is worth checking out.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways Module

If you want to limit or offer specific payment systems, this module is for you, depending on where the customer is. For example, you can enable cash on delivery or bank transfer payments to customers in the same country as you but not to those overseas. Once enabled, you can enter the postal addresses you want to work with. You can then choose which payment systems customers can use.

Other modules related to payment systems


Booster for WooCommerce has several modules related to paid systems. You can choose which options are available for which regions. For example, you can enable or disable a payment system based on your website’s user status. Perhaps you want to allow subscribers to pay by bank transfer while everyone else pays through PayPal. Everything is easy to set up with this Booster module for WooCommerce.

Setting minimum or maximum amounts for specific payment systems is also very easy. With Booster for WooCommerce enabled, you can now limit PayPal payments to portions below the specified quantity, while orders below this amount must be paid by direct bank transfer. In addition, it is possible to install payment system options in accordance with the choice of the client’s currency. That allows you to avoid charging for the exchange rates of specific payment systems. You can also pay an additional transfer fee if the customer selects a particular payment system for their order.

WooCommerce admin panel update module

A helpful default WooCommerce dashboard menu feature allows you to quickly find and access different areas of your store’s settings. When the appropriate module is active on your site, you can start accessing your store’s advanced settings from the WooCommerce dashboard menu.

WooCommerce PDF Payment and Documentation Module

Last but not least is the WooCommerce PDF Invoicing module. With this tool, you will be able to create PDF invoices, delivery notes/packing lists, and customs documents for your orders. Templates for different types of PDFs are customizable, ensuring that you can get an adequate representation of your information.

You can also create multiple documents for each order, for example, every time an order status changes. In addition, custom HTML and CSS can be used in accordance with style documents. That provides you with a high level of control over the appearance of your documents. Combining this feature with the Custom Emails module, the generated PDFs can be automatically attached to emails sent to your customers.

Booster Online Documentation for WooCommerce


A plugin as extensive as this one must be well documented. Luckily, the online documentation for Booster for WooCommerce and its modules is beneficial. You can find links for each module in the documentation section of the plugin’s website. In addition, text instructions are accompanied by screenshots to help you find the parameters you need to explain.