6 Signs your Ecommerce Business Needs a Better Packaging Solution

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If you are running an E-Commerce brand, your company’s service and reputation are directly related to how well packaged all of your products are. You should always try to give the best first impression so that you can build a loyal customer base.

Even high quality materials and products are easily damaged if not packaged well. You would know when to change your packaging methods effectively if you are getting the following signs:

1. You Get Complaints About Packaging

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The presentation of the product is directly dependent on how it will be perceived by the customers. You might have the best product in the market, but if it is not packaged well, you will not be able to make sales and generate a profit. If you are investing in creating a high quality product, you should also switch up your packaging methods to upgrade the quality. If you are getting complaints about the packaging, it is time to upgrade your packaging methods.

2. You Get Complaints About Damaged Goods

As a legit eCommerce business, you will take the utmost care to provide all the products in good condition. Both you and the customer will have a bad experience if the product does not reach the destination in one piece. If you are consistently not saying complaints from customers regarding the state of the product upon delivery, it is a sign to buckle up.

Packaging is not only meant to attract customers, but it is also supposed to protect the product, especially during transit. If you are supplying a fragile product, you should invest in high quality packaging to minimize any losses. Nobody wants to buy from a company which gave them a wrong first impression by delivering damaged goods. Make sure you take all the client complaints seriously and work on an effective solution.

3. You Get a Lot of Returns

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As an E-Commerce company, you cannot afford to have a high return value. It will waste money and resources to have the items shipped back to you and then send the correct item to the customer again. The most probable reason for returns is damage to the product as well as a mix-up during shipping. Get some help from service providers like Mitchel Lincoln.

The packaging itself is not sustainable enough to protect the contents most of the time. This will cause the product to be received in a broken condition. Damaged goods lose their utility, so you will not be able to make a profit even if they are returned. If you have noticed that the number of returns has increased in recent times, change the way you are packaging your products.

4. Packaging is Too Plain or Tacky

You will be surprised to know that customers complain when the packaging is plain, and they also do not like over-the-top packaging. It is understandable that as a business, you want to save costs by being minimalist. However, there is a lot of competition in the market, and new small businesses are doing their best with packaging to attract more customers.

In such a case, if you keep the packaging plain and simple, you are more likely to be replaced by a contender. On the other hand, if the packaging is too flashy, you will also receive backlash. Many customers do not like over-the-top packaging. You should understand that just because something catches the attention of a customer does not mean that it will make them buy it.

One might think that if neither plane works nor is flashy, which direction should we go in? It would help if you struck a balance between your minimalism and creativity. There has to be a way in which you can upgrade your packaging without spending too much. For instance, If you are using boxes or any kind of packaging material, you can have your brand logo and interactive pattern printed on it. You do not need bows or glitter to attract attention. Just make sure that it is not too plain.

5. You Change Layouts with Each New Product

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If you are a growing E-commerce business, it is natural that you would want to introduce more products into your catalog. There is nothing wrong with introducing new products, but you should not be wasting resources on switching up the layout of the packaging too frequently.

If you have to keep adjusting the packaging layout with each new product, it is time to change your approach. Try to find a standardized design that will make it easy for you to manage the packaging and shipping procedure. Changing the package layout will hamper your sales as you will not be able to ship the products until the new packaging arrives.

6. You Do Not Get Compliments

Believe it or not, getting any compliments on your packaging is a sign that you need to do something out of the box. In today’s consumerism culture, everyone is looking to buy something which will add value to their purchase. Try to pick a theme or a pattern and then make all your product packaging standardized.

If you want to go sustainable, it can also work as a marketing strategy. Pick contrasting colors, and make sure to include the sustainability label on the packaging. People are getting more conscious about their carbon footprint, so they are more likely to prefer your product packaging than someone else’s if you make it biodegradable and recyclable.

The Takeaway

Be open to making changes in your packaging practices if you feel unsure about how it is being received right now. The primary function of packaging is to protect your products and help them reach the customers in perfect condition.

Additionally, you should also be aware of how the customers are perceiving your brand value through the packaging. Change how you are presenting your products while also protecting them from any damage during transit. Make them eye-catching but also try to think about sustainability while choosing your packing solutions.