How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store?

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There is no meaning to having an online store without traffic. Do you need more traffic to your online store? The answer will be the same for all of the eCommerce sellers. They all need more traffic, because it will give them more conversions and more conversions will bring more sales and revenue. So the whole purpose is revenue and traffic is the main target for all of the sites. But what are the different ways to drive more of it?

Leaving all those traditional methods, there are some modern techniques to get more traffic. Here we will let you know the proven methods to drive it to your online store. So without wasting time anymore, let’s jump to the tips to drive more of it to your eCommerce store.

1. SEO

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Whenever there is a discussion about traffic, SEO comes to our mind. No matter if it is an online store, blog or anything else. But there are some important things to consider while doing search engine optimization for your eCommerce store. You can choose a Company like EZ Rankings for SEO services.

Target Right Keywords

You need to target the right keywords. If you don’t have the right target keywords for you, then there is no meaning to doing SEO. All of your SEO strategies will fail if you don’t have the right target keywords in your list.

Optimize Every Part Of Your Store

Using target keywords is not enough for SEO. You need to optimize every part of your store. You need to optimize images, videos, titles, main content, etc. Missing even a single part will be a huge loss for you in traffic.

2. Buy Ads

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One of the simple and easy methods to drive traffic to your website is to buy ads. You can promote your business or online store through Google or Bing ads. Also, you can buy ad space on relevant websites. You can promote your online store on social media to get more sales out of them.

Target The Right Audience

While using paid advertising methods you need to choose the right target audience. Otherwise showing irrelevant products to the wrong audience is not going to work. You won’t get a good conversion if you make this mistake.

Design Effective Campaigns

You can simply hire someone experienced to design the whole ad campaign for you. An effective campaign will give you better results as compared to a non-effective one. Using visuals, text, and a lot more other things will make your ad campaign look more attractive.

3. Start A Blog

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Starting a blog is also a good method if you want to drive traffic to your online store. Writing useful content for the audience will bring your website up in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Higher rankings will give you better results in traffic generation.

Create Blog Posts For Main Products

While targeting traffic to your online store through the blog, you need to pay attention to the content. Writing content just for traffic is not the idea. You need to write blog posts for your products. Your blog posts should revolve around the main products. So there will be more chances to get traffic and sales.

4. Use Referral Marketing

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Referral marketing is also a good option to get more traffic for your eCommerce website. If you don’t have any affiliate marketing or referral marketing feature enabled on your website, then you are losing a huge amount of traffic. These days almost everyone is using these tactics for more traffic. Even international brands are using this technique to boost traffic.

5. Make Brand Advocates

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If you have brand advocates for your brand, it will be a very useful thing. Because people trust brands promoted by brand advocates. You should start making brand advocates for your brand. They will bring huge traffic to your online store.

Hire Influencers

Online influencers are the most common brand advocates that brands have these days. Social media is a great tool for marketing and promotion. There are many influencers out there and these influencers can be utilized to promote your brands. Send them products, gifts or money, and they will promote your store.

6. Giveaway & Contests

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Giveaways and contests can also bring traffic to your online store. Start a contest and make a call to action in it. This call to action should be related to sharing your brand store. More sharing will bring more traffic to your site.

7. See Things Technically

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All the above-mentioned things are non-technical. But there are some technical things that you should consider while boosting traffic on your site.

Mobile Optimization

If your online store is not mobile optimized then it won’t be able to get more traffic.

Site Health & Speed

If your online store website doesn’t open up quickly, then it will lose all the traffic.

Right Target Audience

If you don’t have the right target audience, then most of your marketing tactics will fail.


There are so many methods to bring more traffic to your site. From the above-mentioned methods to some advanced methods are there. You cannot cover all of these traffic boosting tips and tricks in just a single post.

But following all of the above-mentioned tips will help you get nice traffic to your online store. Getting more traffic should not be the goal for eCommerce sites. Getting the right audience in your store should be the ultimate goal for any online store. Because the right target audience will be converted easily.