Pros and Cons of Bundling Internet, TV, and Phone

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No home is complete without internet, television, and phone services that keep you and your family connected to the world. The internet enables you to head online, create your digital profiles, pay your bills, order groceries, take classes, play games, work remotely, and manage smart home devices, etc. Cable TV, or for that matter, any form of television service, brings the best of entertainment from around the world to your living room, so you can relax and unwind after a tough day at the office. Last but certainly not least, a home phone lets you make local and long-distance calls in order to stay in touch with your relatives, coworkers, and others on your social list.

Hence, this powerful trio of internet, TV, and phone is essential to living your life to the fullest in today’s hyper-advanced era. If you are looking to purchase these three services for your home, then, you can go about this in two ways. One, you can subscribe to the internet, TV, and phone separately or a la carte from different service providers in your area. Or, two, you can pay for all three services on a single bill by bundling them under a single provider. Thinking about bundling? This post will help you figure out if bundling internet, TV, and the phone is your best bet or not. Learn about the pros and cons below.

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What is Bundling?

Bundling means combining two or three services in one composite package. Usually, service providers hand out Double Plays or Triple Plays to customers who’re interested in bundling. A Double Play may consist of the internet + TV, phone + TV, internet + phone, or TV + phone. On the other hand, a Triple Play is made up of the internet, TV, and phone altogether. Some companies have fixed bundle offerings, while others may let you customize or ‘pick and choose’ services to your liking.

Depending on your unique needs, you can select a Double Play or a Triple Play from your nearest provider. Make sure to compare bundles and choose the one that ideally satisfies your household needs. Learn more here about the best bundles in the biz.

Why You Should Bundle Internet, TV, and Phone

Here are the main pros of bundling these crucial home services:

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Moved to a new place? Tired of the long haul? Don’t want to start your search for internet, TV, and phone services from scratch? We have a solution for you. Grab all three services in one bundle from a single top provider, instead of dealing with the hassle of individual subscriptions. Here’s how you can do that: Locate and narrow down the best internet, TV, and phone service provider in your area. Examine the plans and packages. Verify the quality of service by double-checking the testimonials and asking your neighbors. Call the company and sign up for the most suitable bundle. Bundling cuts your search time in half and gives you a one-stop shopping experience.

Discounts & Savings

Internet, TV, and phone service providers openly advertise the discounts you can enjoy by bundling their services. The thing is that bundling lets them sell more to a single customer and save up on lead acquisition costs, so they pass on this saved value to their bundling clients. This is why when you bundle services, you’ll see a reduction in the collective price tag. For instance, take Spectrum. Spectrum Internet, originally priced at $49.99/month, dial down to $44.99/month when you bundle it with Spectrum TV. This way, you save $5 monthly, totaling $60 or so annually. Therefore, if you’re in for savings and discounts, bundling should be your go-to move.

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Special Perks

Who doesn’t like freebies? One of the best features of bundling your internet, TV, and the phone is that you’ll receive special perks and benefits, which you may not if you sign up for a standalone plan. Service providers love to sweeten their deals. So, they might waive off extra charges, and give you free installation, free premium channels, free speed upgrades, free bonus features, or gift cards worth $100 or more. The only condition is that you have to buy internet, TV or phone services from them in a bulk.

Convenient Billing

The worst time of the month is when you have to collect and pay the bills. With so many invoices on your hands already, you won’t want to feel further confused by three separate bills for internet, TV, and phone, right? This is where bundling comes to your rescue. Bundling puts all three services on a single invoice. Just pay one bill and you’re done with internet, TV, and phone subscriptions in one go.

Why You Should Not Bundle Internet, TV, and Phone

Good and bad go hand in hand. Bundling internet, TV, and the phone has certain drawbacks to it, as well.

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Unrequired Add-Ons

Customizing your own bundle is a blessing, for sure. However, not everyone is lucky enough to avail of it. As mentioned before, some companies have fixed bundles. In these fixed bundles, you may have to compromise on your pocket and pay for extra offerings that you didn’t even need in the first place. All those extra channels that you’re never going to watch but pay for anyway every month may make bundling a curse for you, instead of a blessing.

Eventual Rate Hike

People who are dazzled by the promotional pricing on their bundle may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Yes, when the promotional period ends, which usually extends to one or two years, the offer rate may start jumping before you can even get a chance to say, “what?” It may increase twice or thrice its original mark, burdening you and your pocket all of a sudden.

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Contract Commitments

Bundling is not for you if you constantly have to move from place to place for work or other reasons. Bundling is for the people who’re settled in one area for generations. Why? Because, with most service providers, you may have to sign a contract commitment prior to enjoying your internet, TV, and phone bundle. This contract commitment may have inflexible terms, such as an ETF or Early Termination Fee, which may prevent you from breaking the contract and moving to a new place.

The Final Word

So, is bundling internet, TV, and phone a good idea? It is if you love to save money, enjoy special perks, pay for three services on one bill, and don’t mind the contract terms, extra add-ons, or the eventual rate hike at the end of the promotional term. Otherwise, it is wise to stick to standalone plans.