Can You Buy Bitcoins If You Are Under 18 Years Old?

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Bitcoin is very popular and there is no way of denying that. Thanks to the current state it will continue to grow even more and it will rise in price with that. That price that is currently sky-high is what is drawing new people in. Everyone is jumping on this and you should as well. Whether you are collecting, trading on a platform of your choice like the one you can see if you click here, or using it day to day Bitcoin is currently a top cryptocurrency to own.

Now owning Bitcoin is not difficult, if you are an adult that is. But what if you want to get into cryptocurrency and you are under age? Can you do it and how? This article today will address that question and give you a few options you can try for yourself.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency meaning it doesn’t have a governing body but you still have to provide some ID or anything that will confirm that you are who you are stating to be. This makes a bit of a problem for those under the age of 18, but since we live in a world that doesn’t accept no for an answer there are solutions.

If you want to do this, and you are under 18, then you have to do this anonymously. Most out there believe that since this crypto is anonymous by default but that couldn’t be more wrong. Since it runs on a public ledger you have to provide some info about yourself to prove you are who you are stating you are. This means you have to have an account, a card, ID that backs all that up and there is your first problem. To bypass this you can use a platform called

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This platform is based on a P2P or peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange where you can buy bitcoins with a wide range of payment methods which makes this entire thing easy. How does this work? Well, first you will open an account on the platform, register and get your wallet. Next thing is to search for offers. On the front page choose that you want to buy Bitcoin and enter the amount that you like to buy and chose the currency you will pay with. After that, you are going to select a country from which you like to see offers and most importantly chose the payment method that suits you the best. After you get your list with offers there a few things you need to focus on. You will get top ranking offers with the order of price per one Bitcoin.

You are going to choose the one that suits you, but you also have to mind the username that is selling, his/her feedback score, number of transactions and the response time of the seller. When you chose one that you like click on the offer and it will open another window with lot more details such as trade amount limit and seller detailed reputation. We advise you to read everything carefully and if you agree with everything proceed to trade. It’s important to complete the trade before the window close because it will automatically be cancelled. When the trade is initiated the platform will reserve the seller bitcoins until the seller confirms getting the money. Then the Bitcoins will be released into your wallet. Easy right?!

Bitcoin ATMs

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Thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency popularity these ATMs have popped up all over the world. They are not that difficult to use and not too complicated to understand. All you have to do is look for one near you and we can go from there. So, after finding one you will see that you have a choice on what crypto you want to buy. Most of these offer Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum but you might expect a few other choices depending on the ATM and its owner. Since we are talking about Bitcoin, you will choose Bitcoin and from there you have to choose the buy option and chose the amount – will vary from place to place and ATM to ATM.

It will show a minimal and maximal amount that can be bought or sold at any particular time. Next thing is to scan the QR code of your wallet where the coins will go to. Now this is important you have two options – either already having a crypto wallet on your phone or you can take a paper wallet receipt. After it accepting your address scanned through QR code you will have to insert the amount of money you want to buy Bitcoins with. After that you will get info about the amount of cash inserted, the address of the recipient and the fee the ATM will deduce for its service. After that you confirm everything and in a few minutes, you will see a change in your balance. That is it.

Incognito DEX

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You maybe didn’t hear a lot about this one, or maybe you have, but this is your first privacy-focused decentralized exchange. It is easy to use and navigate. The first thing to do is download the Incognito app from the App Store or Google Play store. Next thing is to deposit funds you have available for buying crypto and buy whatever cryptocurrency you want. This one is awesome because there are no registration needed and you can access it from all over the world. This is also a great option for those that already hold crypto and want to buy more or switch currencies anonymously. Another thing that makes Incognito pop out is that you get realistic market prices of cryptocurrencies and there are no additional fees that you are burdened with. Besides buying crypto on this platform you can also trade which makes this an open door to trading for those of you who are feeling a bit adventuristic. 

So, these are the ways you can get to your first amount of Bitcoin if you are under age. But there is another option most of you probably have thought about but haven’t done, which is baffling. Why not go to your parents make them use their info to register and buy Bitcoins and after that transfer it to your wallet and pay your parents the amount you wanted to invest in Bitcoin. Easy-peasy and without much hassle. This is not something to hide and not tell your parents. If they are smart they would also invest in this because however you look at this Bitcoin is a huge part of our future.