11 Tips for Winning Call of Duty Warzone Solo Matches

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Call of Duty is a game which has been in the process of completely beginning the legends of playing for hours, The black hawk, Warzone and many more turned out to be the best versions of the game. Also the game allowed various people to stick their heads to the screen and make the perfect headshot.

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1. Use High barrel guns

There are high chances of teaming algorithms that you fall in the group of people who hold more levels than you, so you need to make sure that you are well versed with your weapons and use them in the best way. You will notice that these high-level players are quick with their movements and their reflexes are pretty strong, and in such instances, even one miss can end your game.

So it’s always preferable to use SMG with an extra customized barrel because it provides around 160 bullets, so if you are not a marksman, you can always win by number game. The optic is an additional feature, but it’s exceptionally annoying for some users, so use optics only when you are comfortable with the shot resizing.

2. Design your armoury effectively

The Armory in Call of Duty is known as a loadout. By default, the users are provided with six loadouts, and users can customize each loadout based on the map loaded for the game. So there are some suggestions which can turn out to be very useful in designing your armoury, and they are listed below.

  • Loadout 1: LMG
  • Loadout 2: SMG
  • Loadout 3: Super
  • Loadout 4: Marksman
  • Loadout 5: Kar98

You can choose the secondary weapon based on ease; some users go for pistols, whereas others go for knives and Katana.

Also, when you are killing with a secondary weapon, your movement speed increases significantly, so you can always use a secondary weapon as an advantage.

3. Don’t be an easy target

Some people play so naively on the map that they end up being in the open and an easy target for the snipers; in some maps, there are some secret places or routes which can be taken to track enemies. The most helpful way for the same is by taking the back road to the enemy base and then tracking back their actions.

But there is a slight risk in this issue that if someone is hiding in their base, you can get killed.

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4. Avoid direct ways

Each map shows a straight path of moving and locating targets, but sometimes these straight paths are guarded by snipers. When players team up, there are various strategies, and among which is that one player will open fire and the other one will take sniping shots.

So it’s better to keep moving through hurdles like buildings, trees and rocks. You can always move through them safely.

5. Work on Skydiving

Landing in the correct position with the perfect skills is the most significant need while gaming because it is the initial process where you are just in the defensive phase and not an attacking one. So while skydiving, always try to land at the places where people are least and land in the bushes or on the roof of the building as it decreases the chances of being shot.

When you are landing, and you want to go to a faraway place, always tilt and land at a slow pace, whereas when you want to land nearby, increase your speed and keep changing the direction to forward and backward movement.

6. Choose drops wisely

The airdrops play a crucial role while gaming, so you need to make sure that you know the maximum possible drops because they come in helpful equipment. It is also beneficial if you use the drop feature of your UAVs in which wherever the meter is completed, a drop is scheduled. So you can pick loot from drops and continue gaming at best.

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7. Take contracts

Some gamers avoid contracts, but they are the best way to earn some cash to buy advanced weapons, so you must take contracts and focus on gaming to help you play most beneficially.  These contracts contain small tasks, and once these tasks are completed, then you can buy other equipment too.

8. Share equipment

Sharing weapons allows you to play at your best because if your team player does not have a good gun and you are not using it, you can always lend him the gun. But in the end, eventually, your team will win.

So good communication in the team will only make it possible to share equipment, so when your friends need equipment, you provide them with it.

9. Use UAVs wisely

UAVs are some very equipment that gamers can use for some extra credit. Some UAVs allow users to keep an eye on the opponent’s location and a stealth chopper allows the automatic targeting of enemies in some selected region.

So when you perform some skills, then you get credits and based on those credits, you can use these UAVs, making it easier to play.

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10. Use money effectively

Whenever they get any cash rewards on completing missions, they end up upgrading their guns or buying better bullets, but this is not the best way to use your rewards. So you must invest your money in a better manner like buying grenades, smoke screens, axes and many more.

So beneficially using the money is always a good way of handling things, and designing your armoury is the most advanced.

11. Be updated with map

If you have played on the particular map earlier, it will be easier for you to cope up with the gaming but if you are new to a mao, then study properly all hideouts and loophole places that can be used for the constant shot.

With regular gaming and basic skills, one could quickly come over this issue and would be able to play with any map.

Winning and losing go hand in hand in games, so one needs to make sure that they take their defeat as a learning and work hard to become a good player. Whenever you get knocked out, watch the replay to know the loopholes you left and play with even better strategies next time.

Gaming is not about being the best but about putting in all efforts until you become the better self.