9 Leveling Tips and Tricks all Diablo 2 Resurrected players should know

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Despite the simple concept, the game Diablo 2 is still addictive. The story is still interesting, and the animated sequences are equally impressive. The main goals in the game are character development and collecting the best possible items. However, there are a few more tips and tricks you need to know to get better at this.

1. Focus on upgrading your character

When it comes to Diablo 2, you won’t be able to function the same as in Diablo 3. Among other differences, we’re also talking about perfecting the characters. While in Diablo 3 you can perfect it as many times as you want, this is not the case with this game. You won’t have the next opportunity here if you don’t do it on the first level or if you don’t start over. So be careful when choosing skills for your character.

The characters have different skill trees which means you can mix and match them the way you want. Our advice is to focus on those skills that benefit your character. For example, if your character is a witch, you will choose skills such as cold or fire, you will not opt ​​for a mixture. This is especially not recommended in the early game, because you will be very helpless in the fight with the bosses. This website can give you few more answers on how to upgrade your player.

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2. Set points into vitality for all characters as soon as possible

In this game, you need to set enough points in vitality as soon as possible so that you don’t die all the time later. Make this a priority for you. Then, set the points into stress to wear gear. Don’t forget about energy when you’re at the beginning, because you need it too. Put a few points into the energy as well to help with spells / skills, but don’t overdo it. Work on your attack rating, but be measured here as well.

Vitality will give you more endurance which means you will run much longer. However, you will not have a defense while running. If you turn on R while walking, you will regain endurance. There is another way to regain stamina. Buy drinks to regain energy to expire temporarily unlimited endurance. It will take half a minute and will not be cheap.

3. Pay attention to inventory

Be aware of inventory limitations. According to yesgamers this means that you will often have to go to town and buy or sell things. This is how you will maintain your inventory. For example, pick up as many items as you can and sell them for gold later. These can be old knives or a few potions. Try to find something valuable such as blue items, charms and gems, jewels and runes.

4. Get a belt

Once you reach the belt, be sure to put potions on it. You will generally need defects, health and rejuvenation potions. They are an important part of the game, and are very useful when rejuvenation is needed. Some of them can help you a lot when fighting packs of monsters at an early stage of the game.

There are antidotes as well as a drink that gives a thawing effect. When shopping, hold the shift and you will replenish your belt with just one click. The great thing is that this way you can cure your mercenary or give him resistance. If you want to do that, you will have to hold the shift while pressing the numbers at the same time so as not to choose the right drink.

5. Improve your throw

This primarily refers to the throwing speed. Your equipment needs to be stronger in order to progress. Also work on spell casting speed for all classes. Also reduce the time to get stuck in situations when you are attacked.

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6. Visit City Vendors

They will have great equipment and sockets for you. So you will be very strong at the beginning of the game, because you will find various gems and runes there. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take great shields, armor, weapons and everything else. Also pay attention to boots, belts, gloves and other things. Be sure to buy teleport charges and this applies not only to wizards but to all characters. In that case, you will be able to teleport when you hold the stick. This will mean something when you are in difficult areas.

Runewords are powerful combinations of specific runes that can be inserted into socketed items to grant special bonuses. These bonuses can greatly enhance your character’s abilities and make them more formidable in battle. By finding and utilizing runewords, you can customize your character’s build to suit your playstyle and maximize their effectiveness. As you progress through the game, keep an eye out for runes and explore the different runewords available. As a valuable form of in-game currency, Diablo IV gold can help in acquiring these runes, thus enabling you to experiment with various combinations to find the ones that offer the greatest benefits for your character. Whether you’re seeking to boost your damage output, improve your defense, or gain unique abilities, runewords can be a game-changer in your gaming journey.

7. Utilize the Horadric Cube

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The Horadric Cube is a valuable item that opens up a world of possibilities in Diablo 2. It allows you to combine certain items to create more powerful ones. The cube’s recipes offer a wide range of combinations that can yield new and unique items with enhanced properties. By utilizing the Horadric Cube, you can discover powerful equipment that gives you an edge in combat. The cube recipes can be found online or through in-game exploration. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different item combinations to unleash the full potential of the Horadric Cube. Whether you’re seeking to increase your damage, improve your survivability, or gain special abilities, the cube offers a fascinating avenue for customization and enhancement in your Diablo 2 adventure. Embrace the possibilities and unlock the secrets of the Horadric Cube to elevate your character to new heights of power.

8. Kill groups of bosses

Don’t forget this. So you will get more experience and levels. If you focus on normal mobs, know that you are just wasting time. You won’t find such tempting rewards there, and it won’t be as much fun for you as killing boss groups. There is one trick you can use when you get to the fifth act. Regardless of the difficulty, save Anja and open the portal. Then you will be able to kill the group and win valuable prizes.

9. You don’t have to kill everyone

When it comes to eliminating enemies, you need to know one important thing. You don’t have to kill every monster. There are also those monsters that are in a normal state or have double immunity. Try to skip specific monsters or try a hybrid version of the attack. However, there is a possibility that you will still get a nasty blow from the monster.

10. Take care of your mercenaries

They are very important to you because they can help you fight. They are available in the starting area of ​​all acts. If you kill Blood Raven, you can even unlock a free mercenary with good equipment. That’s a good reward, because the mercenaries are mostly without armor and weapons.

When you hire a mercenary, he will immediately replace the current mercenary you have. However, not only will your current mercenary disappear, but all the equipment with him will also disappear. That is why it is necessary to take the equipment first, and only then to replace the mercenaries.


Although Diablo 2 has not changed much from the original, there are novelties that make this game even more challenging. This means that the levels are now much more difficult and you need to prepare for them. Adopt as much information as possible to become invincible.