Top 10 Casinos in Canada to visit in 2024

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Betting has been a part of human history, and with the improvement of the technology, it seems like casinos have been growing like mushrooms. There are so many, and it is really hard to pick the one to go to. Especially now when data safety has to be ensured, it is essential to whom you are putting your trust. Therefore, without further ado, we are presenting the list of the best ones in Canada to visit.

Casino Niagara

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This casino is located in Ontario and it was put very high on the list by the visitors. This can be due to a phenomenal view that can be seen from the rooms, the games, services or all of the above. As users favorites, and with a successful business that lasts for more than twenty years, it offers a vast variety of activities next to gambling. It has good food choices when it comes to restaurants and very good live shows on the weekends. If you decide to go and test your luck, there are plenty of machines to go around, and when it comes to in-person card games, there are more than thirty tables at your disposal.

Casino de Montreal

The name of this casino reveals its location. It is in the state of Quebec and it happens to be one of the biggest in the whole of Canada. The number of people that come to the casino each day is very high and the estimate is that number is a bit less than twenty thousand. Of course, the whole place is set to accommodate all the players, which can be seen by the number of tables for card games available. What is interesting that the legal age here is 18 and all visitors that are at least eighteen can come.

Caesars Windsor

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Not only a casino but a hotel as well, this venue offers services on both ends. A number of tables available correspond to the needs of the players, as well as the slot machines that are available at all times. All popular games can be found here and the venue offers an outdoor sports park, where you can sit back and take a breath of fresh air after a few games in the casino. If this has made you thirsty for the game, check out and play a few.

Rama Resort

When they have launched this venue for the first time there were some fears about the visits and how good it will work. It started off very strong and after twenty years of providing services to the players, it has maintained the popularity. The number of slot machines they have is incredible, and it is, believe it or not, higher than twenty thousand. The number of tables for card games exceeded one hundred. With these numbers, they had to offer a few restaurants to feed the hungry players, and you will find eight here. With famous performers coming and a lot of dance shows you can see why this place is so popular.

River Cree

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Bein the first one that was made and opened in the state of Alberta, this casino has only increased in the resources. Nowadays it has more than a thousand slot machines and around forty card games tables. It also offers a membership card, that comes free of charge. Instead of paying for the membership, you are collecting points by visiting the casino and playing. Pretty neat, huh?

St. Eugene Golf Resort

This place looks like it came from the other world, it has a very British and luxury vibe, from the outside you would never guess that it is a casino. It is located in British Columbia, and it provides enough slot machines and game card tables to accommodate and keep the visitors busy. The location is very breathtaking, and the interior of the casino is as well. It also provides a lot of golf courses so next to the betting, you can spend a day in the sun, playing golf and feeling fabulous.

Niagara Fallsview

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This casino is stated in Ontario and it is very popular due to the fact that it provides an amazing view of the Niagara waterfalls. The casino has a lot of slot machines and enough tables to satisfy all the visitors. It also offers accommodation and has a little less than four hundred rooms. This casino has all sorts of different games, and it has obtained a reward for the best casino in the country.

River Rock

With a very convenient location and close proximity to the airport, this casino has a lot of visitors during the year. Not only that it has a very big number of slot machines, card tables with all the games players enjoy in, but it also has special VIP rooms so some important players can settle here. It gained popularity for being a host casino to the international championships for poker that lasts for the whole day and night. It offers accommodation as well, with suits and rooms that are very luxurious.

Northlands Park

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This casino brings back the old spirit of betting due to the proximity of the horse track, and it is easy to assume that it is very popular due to betting in horses. For the fans of the classical slot games, there are plenty to go around. Card games are popular as well, and the number of tables is more than sufficient to fulfill the needs of the players.

Medicine Hat Lodge

Last but not least on the list is a casino located in Alberta, that has a very incredible amount of space that occupies. Not only that it provides casino games, but it offers rooms, a spa and other types of entertainment. A bit controversial, but this once offers family packages.  Making both children and their parents occupied and having fun.


No matter which of these you choose, we are sure you will have an amazing time since most of the casinos offer so much more than just betting. There are a lot of them all over Canada and checking out at least one of them will for sure be an experience to remember.