Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Communication in 2024

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Did you ever come across cloud-based technology? Well, many of us are using this new technology but are not aware of its technical aspects. Cloud-based communication is hosted by a third-party that provides and maintains communication services through their server.

It not only serves as a means of communicating but acts as a variety of communication resources ranging from servers to storage for the sake of data security, email, recovery of data, and backup. In cloud-based communication, everything occurs over the internet. To understand it in simpler language, think of cloud-based communication as google drive. You store your data on google drive, therefore, your data is maintained and stored on the drive through the internet.

Technically speaking, cloud communication is the merging of various communicating modalities. The merging of communicating modalities such as voice, mail, chat, and video helps in reducing lag when communicating which occurs while using conventional communication systems. In today’s world, this technology is the need of the hour.

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Trends resulting in Cloud-based Technology

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Mostly, successful companies and businesses grow by increasing their franchises within the city or across the country. So, businesses become highly distributed and decentralized. This trend led to cost-efficient cloud-based technology which caters to all their needs for communicating effectively.

The increase in data devices and communications that access the company or business network led to cloud technology.

The management of a company’s or business network requires IT experts, and incur expense in the maintenance, management, and hosting of IT applications along with assets.

These trends compel companies and businesses to outsource their IT and communication requirements, cutting down their expenses for maintaining their own communication system. The company pays only for the services they use on cloud, leaving everything on the end of the third party for managing data storage.

The designing and implementation of these systems is not an easy job. Several factors arise that require on-the-fly changes to the process.

Therefore, it is beneficial for a growing company to let a third party like handle this matter so, that they can focus on their growth and sustenance in the competitive market.

Products offered in cloud-based Technology

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The products offered in cloud technology are versatile that meet the diverse communication needs of any company or business. The products offered include:

  • Fax services, On Google Online Fax you can learn more about them.
  • Call tracking software
  • Text messaging
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBE)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Call center
  • Contact cell telephony
  • Interactive voice response
  • Voice  broadcast

These services accommodate all sorts of companies or business communication requirements such as customer service, interdepartmental memos, tracking calls of customer’s representatives, call forwarding, initiating conference calls, inter and intra messaging within and between franchises. The companies can easily cut down their expenses without reducing any feature at a reasonable and affordable price of using cloud technology.

Applications of Cloud Technology

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As the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, cloud-based communication is becoming an indispensable tool for sustaining the smooth functioning of companies, since all the employees are working from home. There are varied applications of cloud-based technology such as cloud telephony.

It is employed for e-commerce, advertisements, payment processing, and human resources. Among the most popular applications of cloud-based communication include, Microsoft Office 365® and Dropbox®.

During this pandemic, the number of features, the scale of services and functionality are likely to augment for streamlining communications and increasing collaboration with more number of companies and businesses that are severely affected due to COVID-19.

Benefits of Using Technology

The success of the company relies on effective collaboration between the employees and the customers. So, owners are switching to cloud-based technology to eliminate errors due to miscommunications. There are innumerable benefits of the technology among which dominates:

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Access the data from anywhere, anytime

The benefit of cloud-based communication is that softwares and services are provided on the internet instead of in-house equipment. So, documents, emails, photos can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Spend a little and save more

Most of the companies have concerns regarding the cost that will incur in switching to this technology. According to the Dell report, companies investing in cloud-based communication were able to generate 53% greater revenues than their competitors.

The business tycoons are switching to cloud-based communication for running their businesses efficiently, facilitating their customers with better services thereby, boosting their margin of profit. Therefore, spending a little on this technology brings more returns to the business.

Get extra bandwidth without expensive IT update

Businesses have multiple dimensions to focus on so they can not solve all their IT issues, independently. The saturation of attention towards these issues decreases businessmen ‘focus on reaching their set targets. It offers flexibility to the businesses by providing extra bandwidth without requiring an expensive update to the storage space.

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Develop uninterrupted messaging with remote workers

During this pandemic, remote workers need to work together for successfully completing their assigned tasks. Cloud-based messaging services access the IT system of the businesses and form a bridge among their employees for increasing their productivity. Hence, an increase in employee’s productivity gives an advantage to companies over their competitors.

Management console

It allows the removal or addition of users from anywhere. Furthermore, the quality of audio is the high definition which is far better than landlines. A slow internet connection can hamper the quality of audio, so a stable and strong internet connection is extremely important.

Well defined integration

Phone systems have integrated apps. The user can go to those applications and retrieve their relevant data. In addition, cloud communication integrates with NetSuite, Salesforce, and Zendesk allowing tracking, answering of customers queries, and completion of sales in the same ecosystem. Thus, the management can utilize analytical tools for determining that KPIs are on target or not.

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The technology is easy to install and operate. Furthermore, local and international calls are cheaper than conventional landlines. It is automated thereby, directly answers and calls to extensions. The system is reliable and can be scaled up or down depending on size of the business.

The systems are very advanced technology that must be integrated for boosting companies and businesses’ profit.