How to Customize your Notification Tones on your Phone

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Studies have shown that people spend between three and six hours with their phones every single day. This number is far greater depending on the demographic and the personal habits of the person, as well as the industry they are employed in. Some of us spend more than just a few hours on our smart devices, and we have to notice all the notifications that come because they can make the difference between landing a new client and making profits or losing our job.

If you are one of the people who cannot afford to miss a notification, you already know how important the different tones are, and how much time it saves when you know if you’ve gotten a new email, or if you just got a spam promotion from a random application that you use.

The best way to save yourself a lot of trouble and to ensure that you are going to read the most important messages is to customize your sounds, and here we are going to tell you how to customize your notification tones on your phone.

How to do it?

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The first thing we are going to talk about is how to physically do this and how to avoid spending too much time going through the apps you have on your phone and setting things up one by one.

Depending on the OS you have and the model of your device, things should be easy for you. The only thing you need to do is download a tune that you like the most, and then when you open it, instead of playing it, you should select it and open the additional settings it has. Here, you should be able to find information on what you can do with it, and you can choose what you can set it up as.

You can even do things in bulk, and you can put that specific sound for all of the notifications you recieve, or you can set it just for your email, messages, calls, and so on.

When you open a specific app, you can also go to the settings of it, no matter the OS you use and the type of application, and you can check what the current sound is. Once you open that setting, you can add new sounds, and you can even customize things even further.

For example, you can have one song or tune for all of your incoming calls, and if there is a special person in your life that deserves a different alert on your phone, you can open that specific contact, and you can set a different tone for the person.

The most important thing you need to do is find the right tunes for your notifications, and websites like can help you get all the sounds you need, listen to them, and then easily download them and set them as your alert tones.

How to make the right choice?

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Now that you know what you can do to customize your tones, let’s talk about making the right choice. There are so many different sounds that your phone makes, so you need to be careful about choosing each and every one.

It is said that you should never use the same sound for everything because daily we are all getting dozens of alerts that are not important at all. So, if you want to narrow things down, and if you want to just ignore the alerts that are not important, then the best thing you can do is set one specific sound that will be for all the spam alerts and promotions from different apps.

On the same note, you can use just one tone for all of your social media profiles, or you can get more creative and use a different sound for the one that you use the most frequently and the one that you don’t want to miss any alerts from.

You should customize the notifications that you get from work, especially if you are using a specific platform, or if you are frequently getting alerts from your business email. This will help you stay alert at all times, and you will not risk not seeing your device when you are needed to finish a task as fast as possible.

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One of the best things about smart devices nowadays is that you can customize the ringtone for every person in your contacts list, and you should do that for the people you care about the most. No matter if it is your partner, children, other family members, or friends, you should put different sounds when they are calling you. Once again, this will help in case you are in the other room and your device is on the charger, so you won’t have to get up and run to the phone, you will just know who is calling without even looking at the screen.

The alarm is the alert we get every single day, and when choosing the tone for it, you need to be both smart and careful. You will need something that will wake you up right away, but on the same note, you don’t want something that will be too harsh or loud and that will make you start your day with negative emotions.

Experts suggest that you should never use a tune that you love for your alarm because, after months or years of hearing the same sound every single day when you need to wake up, you will start resenting that song. So, choose something neutral, a tune that is vibrant and that will wake you up, and a positive tone that will put a smile on your face instead of making you cranky or aggressive.

Even though changing all these tones and setting them up will take some time, you will notice it is worth it once you know what is happening on the screen without even taking your device in your hands. There are a lot of amazing places where you can get the sounds for free, and you can even choose the length of them or types of sounds that you are interested in. use these libraries to find the best tunes for your needs, and don’t be afraid to mix things up form time to time, try something different and see the impact it will have on your overall life and even mental health.