Things a REVS Check Report Can Tell You About Your Car


Purchasing a car was never a simple thing to do. Considering the fact that there are so many options to choose from, it can easily turn into a stressful, exhausting experience. This is especially the case when buying a used car. Research shows that one of the biggest concerns car buyers usually have is the concern about hidden expenses, flaws, and potential problems that may cause overspending and wasting money on repairs.

However, it is a risk worth taking, according to many car owners. Not only is buying a new car much more expensive compared to purchasing a used car, but knowing that when you buy a new car, as soon as it leaves the salon its value depreciates – really makes people opt for a less expensive option that would give them the same amount of comfort and the convenience they need, without having to waste their money.


There are more reasons for buying a used car such as getting a better car for less money, compared to buying a new car that is mid-sized and average when it comes to the type and model of the car. This means that in reality, you can afford even a luxury car that is used or you can opt for a less expensive brand but a completely new car. Some would say that this is a matter of preferences, others would say that it’s a matter of smart budgeting. Not to mention the insurance costs and registration fees, which are much lower when purchasing a used car along with sales tax that needs to be paid and that varies from state to state; but is still something where you can easily save your money. Just add the additional features that you are often offered when purchasing a new car, and the dealers’ fees such as shipping charges, etc, and you will understand why people usually complain that they see a lot of confusing and unnecessary expenses when purchasing a new car.

On the other hand, as we’ve already mentioned, buying a used car is not a perfect option either, as it carries risks of future repairs, but it seems like these risks carry much lower potential expenses in the future.


Luckily for all the car buyers, there are certain tools that you can use to check your used car before you make the purchase and give the money. These tools and checks are there to help you determine whether the vehicle of your liking is something that needs to be purchased or not. What do we mean by this? Have you ever heard about REVS check reports? If you’ve ever bought a used car, chances are you probably have. If you haven’t, that means that you should do a bit of research.

Simply put, REVS Check is a fantastic way to run a bit of investigation when it comes to the car of your liking. Getting as much information as you can is very helpful since you want to purchase a car that has not been stolen, that wasn’t damaged in the past and that had a clean history of repairs and that is maintained well in the past. All of this can be shown in a REVS check, which is why there are numerous websites that offer this service and help millions of buyers to get the perfect car for their needs and requirements.


In case you didn’t know, REVS check stands for the Register of Encumbered Vehicles, and it consists of checking your car’s VIN number in order to get all the details about the history of your vehicle, past owners, potential debts, problems, and details about the very vehicle, such as the vehicle’s manufacture time, what was the place where the car was first purchased (and every next time, if it was purchased a couple of times), the names of the previous owners as well as the locations in which the car was in the past; and the most important thing for many future owners – the servicing and all the investments that were made when it comes to the very car. Finally, you will be able to find out if the car was stolen or sold illegally which is definitely something you should avoid at all costs.

This is why future buyers find these checks extremely useful and important and they consider them to be one of the essential factors in the buying process. Not only will you be able to find out if there were certain accidents, but you will be able to get all the information you want, by spending a small amount of money on that cause. You surely want to know what was the registration plate, when was the last registration, does the engine number match with the vehicle, what’s the year of compliance, and if the color of the vehicle matches what it says in the documents. Finally, maybe there was some serious damage done to the car, either caused by the previous owner or for example, caused by floods or storms, which could be the reason for the car to be written off. You should know all these things and this is why being able to get your report is an amazing option you should always take advantage of.


When you are buying a new car there are several things you can do. You can bring your mechanic with you, and you can make sure to double-check the car visually and mechanically. After that, getting a REVS report will be able to show you if the car’s mileage is accurate or not, and you will get yourself peace of mind, for a couple of bucks.

Still, keep in mind that you have to choose a reputable Revs Check, such as this website, that will help you do a check for a reasonable amount of money since there are several companies that will charge you more than they should. Imagine if there are 7 cars you like: you would have to pay the same amount for every one of them. Luckily, the info you need to know is the info that, on average, costs around $30 per check, which is not such a high amount to pay for this vital info about your future vehicle.