7 Tips for Designing a Kitchenette

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If you’ve got a lot less space than you thought in your kitchen, then you might need a kitchenette instead. Kitchenettes are small kitchens that can be designed in several different ways, and they combine a lot less space with a lot more cooking power. They don’t have a lot of storage, appliances, and space, but they make up for all of that with customizability. You can make a kitchenette in almost any way you want, and that power can be overwhelming for some people.

To help you make your choices, we’ve outlined some of the best tips for designing a kitchenette, and if you keep these tips in mind you will be able to make effective use of your space. You might not have all the luxuries of a traditional kitchen, but you’ll have enough to keep things going.

Most Kitchenettes have a few basic things in common. They do have a sink, some type of fridge, and some storage, although it is not much.

1. Think About Plumbing

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A kitchen is nothing without a sink attached to it, because sinks allow you to wash your food, hands, and gather water for cooking. You should make sure that your kitchenette has a functioning sink, or if you are planning to build one, that it can get to a plumbing outlet easily.

If you don’t have plumbing or do not want to use it, then make sure you have a cooler or pot nearby that can help to hold water for when you need it.

2. Make Folding Space

Kitchenettes might not have a lot of folding space on the outside, but looks can be deceiving. Many kitchenettes have fold-out areas where storage space can be added on. Pull out countertops, coverings for the sink and stove, and portable tables can all be a great way to make sure you have some extra storage for your kitchenette.

The more counter space you have the more space you have to prepare your meals, so think outside the box to make the most of your limited space.

3. Consider What You Are Cooking

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What you will be making in the kitchenette will determine how it will be set up. If you plan to make quick and easy meals you might replace the stove with a microwave. If you are going for a gourmet chef style kitchenette you might consider having a large fridge to hold all of your ingredients. If you are cooking for a party you might need storage to hold extra appliances.

While you can’t consider or build your kitchenette for every single scenario, you certainly can figure out what you cook the most and build the kitchenette around that. It will help you cook the meals you are known for, and can also make sure you have fun with your kitchenette.

4. Trick Your Mind with Colors and Lights

Have you ever been inside of a small room that feels expansive? Part of that reason is due to the way the room looks, as it tricks your mind and makes you think the room looks bigger. Lighter colors help to make a space feel much more open than it is, and adding some windows or lighting can only add to it all.

It might seem like a weird design choice, but trust us it is a great way to trick your mind and help the space seem bigger. If nothing else, all of those extra lights will ensure that you will see everything you do clearly.

5. Embrace Minimalism

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One of the best things to do is to not fight your new space, or lack of it. Instead, embrace it and take it as an opportunity to advance and think outside the box. You are stuck with necessities only, which forces you to consider your resources. Try using the same knife for everything instead of wrestling with 50 different knives, make meals that don’t require a lot of steps so you can minimize your ingredients, and use old appliances in new ways.

Don’t get the mindset of ‘No matter how well I design this Kitchenette, it will never have enough space’ right off the bat. Instead, design the kitchenette to your needs and specifications before thinking about how you can handle the lack of space.

6. Look Around and At Different Options

When designing a kitchenette, it helps to look at some different options. Lots of people post pictures of their setups or designs and you can see what they have done. It’s amazing to see what people have done with their space. From using mini fridges under counters to leaving space under the kitchenette for storage, there’s a lot you can do.

Take ideas from others and you might find a way to manage your space that you would have never considered before. It’s amazing what some people will do to conserve space, and you should figure out how to incorporate those ideas.

7. Decorate It

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Finally, the last thing you should do when designing a Kitchenette is to decorate it and make it yours. You can add some plants, a wall background, a picture on the wall, and other smaller touches to make sure that the space stays yours. You should enjoy being inside your Kitchenette and making it yours can only help with that.

Add some personality and make some changes so that you enjoy cooking in it every single day. You’ll have enough space left for some decorations, it’s all but guaranteed if you have followed some of these other tips.

Get Started!

Designing your own kitchenette is an easy task for even the most novice DIYer, and pretty soon you will have a mini kitchen set up in your home or apartment. Just remember, saving space doesn’t mean a less effective kitchen, and if you want to see some more of the best design ideas to use with a Kitchenette, then click here!

Once you have enough designs, then get it going and start creating your mini kitchen masterpiece.