How Does Pipe Leak Tape Work

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Pipe leakage causes a lot of problems. You get wet floor most of the time and the wastage of water is of course there. But replacing the whole pipe cannot be a solution because it will cost you more. Furthermore, the replacement of pipes will create an uproar in your home. Therefore, leak tapes are created to deal with such issues.

These tapes are quite effective in dealing with leakages. But its use is not only limiting to the leakages. Leak tape has been used in various plumbing tasks and makes their life easier. If you have not ever used this tape and don’t know about it. Go to and get the leaked tape or anything related to plumbing from them.

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There are two types of pipe leak tapes that you will find in the market. Both of them have different use and you can get the right one by telling the shopkeeper your needs.

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1. Pipe Thread

It has various names including plumbers tape, Teflon tape and some others. If you have to create a watertight seal, this is suitable for it. But it is only required in joints. So when a plumber is fixing taps, he uses it to create a firm seal to prevent any possible leakage. In addition, to prevent leakage, it also lubricates the joint connections and improves threading.

2. Silicone tape

You will hear people calling it self-amalgamating tape. So it is clear from its name that it won’t actually stick with the pipe but with itself. This is the thing that you will need when you face a leakage at your home. All you have to do is to wrap around the leaking area with it. It will stop the leaking but it is not a permanent solution. It will work for some time and then you have to find a permanent solution to the problem.

So how will you use it?

As you already know the two main types. So at first, you have to understand the problem. For example, if there is a small fracture, you cannot use the thread tapes to cover it. That won’t do. Likewise, silicone tape is not suitable for the threading area of joints.

Leaking joints

The joints often get loose with time or while installing them. This loosening results in water leaking and you will need to use the thread tape to tighten the joints.

So once you find out the problem, here are the steps that you have to follow;

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  • Turn off the water from the main source. If you do not know, there will be a valve on the main pipeline that is coming from the water storage tank. Turn this valve another way. This will stop the water supply. If you do not have such a valve, you have to empty out the water tank. Otherwise, water will flow out with pressure once you open up the joint.
  • Now unscrew the joint where there is a leakage. You have to use a wrench to do so. Tighten the wrench and move it in the right direction. Usually, you have to move it in an anti-clockwise direction to open up the joint. However, if it is not working, try moving it in the other direction.
  • Now you will see the old thread tape. Remove the previous one and wrap the new one around the joint. Wrap it for 4 times at first. If it seems loose, make another 2 wraps. These wraps should be snuggly fit around the threads.
  • Now screw back the joint and check for the leaking. It should be fine by now.

Pipe fracture

Any leaking area apart from the joint comes under fracture. So if there is any sort of fracture, you can use silicone tape to cover it. However, the fracture should be like a hairline. It will work until you replace the pipe.

To repair a fracture in the pipe, follow these instructions;

  • First of all, you have to find out the leaking area. To do so, you have to keep the water running. So once you have located the leak, turn the water off. You can do so either by turning off the valve or emptying the water tank.
  • Now dry the pipeline and absorb all the remaining water with a cloth.
  • Once the area is completely dry, wrap the silicone tape around the leakage area. Wrap it as firmly and tightly as you can and make multiple folds by overlapping it. You can also put some tape around this already wrapped fracture point. This will offer you some extra safety.
  • The fracture is now fixed. You can now use the pipeline until your plumber comes.  
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How long will these tapes last?

Thread tapes last easily for years. You don’t have to replace them even after a year. Unless you replace the joints, or you undergo repairing work, the tape will perform well for even decades. If the tap is not fixed at a place and is often moved while using, the tape will get damaged. This will result in breaking its threads and thus, the joint will start leaking water. At this time, you will need to renew it.

On the other hand, silicone tapes are a temporary solution for leaking areas. For example, your kitchen pipe got hit with a sharp knife and is now leaking. You have to stop the leakage for the time being until you replace it.

So at such times, you will use silicone tape and prevent leakage and call the plumber. Or you might go to the plumbing shop and get a new pipe to replace it. This will prevent wastage of water for the time being.

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