DIY Woodworking Guide for Beginners 2024

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Well, we all have some gadgets and accessories at home that are made of wood, don’t we? However, the fact is that a small number of people are making those products alone. In most cases, we buy the final product from the store.

Okay, we understand that doing this is quite easier. You do not have to spend time finding different sorts of products to make a chair or a table. Despite that, you do not have to possess any knowledge or skills to develop and design those products.

Still, woodworking is an interesting profession. We believe it will never go out of fashion. Many people that made a product of wood say that they were as never before when they made something with their own hands. Because of that, we want to give some DIY woodworking guide for beginners. The pieces of information that you will find here won’t give you a clear picture of how to make a current product. Yet, it is necessary to start from somewhere. In this article, we will focus on tools that you need to possess to make a wood product alone.

Which Wood to Use for the First Project?

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When you go to the home improvement store, you will see a huge number of woods. Every beginner should know that some types of wood are more complex than the other ones. Because of that, it is necessary to pick the right one. Our recommendation is to pick “whitewood” boards. More precisely, many people call them common pine.

This type of wood is affordable and you won’t need to spend a fortune to buy it. Logically, you will make many mistakes in the beginning. That’s why there is no reason to spend a fortune. Despite that, white wood is easy to cut and drill and it doesn’t require some complex tools.

On this link, you can find out more about the different types of wood.

Types of Saws that You Need to Have

Well, even if you are the most talented woodworker in the world, you need to have the right tools. We do not want to say that you have to spend a fortune on a single saw. However, your ideas won’t turn into the reality of you do not possess the more quality ones.

Beginners should know that there are three types of saws. Each type is suitable for a current type of wood. Because of that, we would want to describe them a little.

Circular Saw

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Well, if you are planning to make perfect square cuts, then you should know that circular saw is the ideal choice. This also includes any other saw that comes with a circular blade. We do not want to say that working with this type of saw is easy. On the contrary, it can be a bit complex until you realize how to use it in the best way. Yet, investing in a circular saw will never be a bad investment. You can use it for cutting plywood to size and many other projects. If you are willing to get one, we suggest you click here.


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When we talk about the budget, this type of saws is the less expensive one. When you look closer, this is a saw that comes with a small blade that moves up and down. It is similar to a hand saw motion.

Well, the purpose of the jigsaw is to make curved cuts and small cuts. The blade that we mentioned is only attached at the tom. The bottom of this saw is completely free which leads to rough or beveled cut. However, because of its simplicity, the jigsaw is perfect for beginners. The blade is very visible and the chances to get hurt are minimal.

Miter Saw

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Compared to the previous to types, a miter saw is the most expensive one. Because of that, we do not recommend to beginners to buy it immediately. However, this type of saw is easy, safe, and fast. It gives you the chance to do everything from square cut to angled and beveled cuts. Still, when you gain enough experience and improve your skills, getting one and spending a few hundred dollars would be the right choice.

Tools for Attaching the Cut Boards Back Together

Logically, after you cut the wood that you get from the store, you will have to find a way to attach those parts back together. For the task like this, you will have to get additional equipment. We will recommend you a couple of them.


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Well, you do not have to be a woodworking expert to possess a drill. It is something that every house owner needs to have. In many cases, you will need this tool to repair things.

However, when we talk about building, the drill is a perfect choice for joinery. Our recommendation is to find those that come with a smaller shart of the screws. The larger screws are a bit tougher for using. If you are not experienced enough, there are bigger chances it will come to wood splitting.

Brad Nailer

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We do not want to say that the ideal length of brad nailers exists. Yet, for most of the interior projects, the 18 gauge brad nailers would be a perfect choice. They can shot nails between 5/8’’ up to 2’’ in length.

Let’s imagine that you’re painting. Logically, you can fill a screw hole. However, hiding a screw hole is something that you won’t be able to do. That is the moment when brad nailer becomes your best friend. They are great for attaching trim and the back on projects. Yet, if you plan to use them for the structural part of the build, we do recommend you change your plan.

Speed Square

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Well, speed square is a perfect match with a circular saw and jigsaw. For example, you can use this item to draw a line perpendicular to the board edge with it. Despite that, you can clap it and use it as a guide while running the saw along its side.