Must-Have Kitchen Tools And Appliances 2024

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Are you kitting out a brand new kitchen? Or perhaps you are looking to vamp up and treat yourself to a few kitchen tools and appliances but are not sure where to start. This article has been prepared to give you the basis for some of the most essential kitchen tools and appliances that guarantee a well functioning kitchen.

Kitchen Tools

So what are the most important kitchen tools you will need to stock your kitchen? Kitchen tools can be pretty pricey, so you are no doubt looking to get your hands on the most important tools first and pick up the nonessential items as and when is necessary.

The following list will give you some ideas on kitchen tools that you simply cannot be without. Take a look.

1. Knife set

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A Knife set is super important for preparing any meal. You will need a set that contains a chef’s knife, serrated knife, and a paring knife to give you a good startup – that is a knife for peeling, chopping, slicing bread and other food. Any other knives can come afterward if you are on a bit of a budget.

2. Chopping board

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Save your kitchen work surfaces! There is nothing that will blunt your kitchen knife blades faster than chopping onto hard, unforgiving kitchen work surfaces or even onto plates. Try purchasing multiple boards, one for raw meat, another for fruit and vegetables and one for bread in order to avoid cross-contamination.

3. Kitchen utensils

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There are a bunch of kitchen utensils out there to choose from, but if you are starting your kitchen up from scratch, you may want to pick up the most useful utensils first and fill out your collection at a later date. Make sure your selection of utensils includes:

  • Slotted spatula – ideal for flipping pancakes and fried food.
  • Slotted spoon – the perfect utensil for serving food
  • Serving spoon – great for cooking and stirring food
  • Ladle – for serving soup and stews.

4. Oven gloves

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Save yourself from getting burned! An oven glove is key for those who love to bake or even for moving hot pots and pans across the kitchen.

5. Cookware set

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And, of course, you will not be able to prepare a meal if you have nothing to cook it in! Make sure you choose a nonstick cookware set that will help you to make some delicious meals in a jiffy.

Kitchen Appliances

Every kitchen needs a set of reliable appliances in order to operate swiftly and efficiently. But what are the most important kitchen appliances that you cannot live without? Take a look at the list below.

1. Kettle

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There is nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning before work or a warming cup of tea in the evening to wind down. But boiling water in a pan over the stove is super irritating and time-consuming and that is why you need an electric kettle to simplify making hot beverages.

2. Microwave oven

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A microwave oven is not just the best way to make a bowl of salty-sweet popcorn in two minutes or less, but it is also handy for reheating meals. They are also great for making minute rice, heating up tinned soups and other food without having to dirty pots, pans or even the stove.

3. Sandwich maker

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Grilled cheese sandwiches. I love them, and I am sure you do too. That is why you must add a sandwich maker to your list of 100% necessary kitchen appliances. They are also simple enough to use for kids to rustle up something tasty for a mid-meal snack all on their own – now doesn’t that sound awesome!

4. Coffee maker

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One up from the electric kettle comes the coffee maker. There is no better way to make coffee than pressing a button and letting the appliance do the rest. Mornings are not the time to be faffing about and that is why a coffee maker is an appliance that should not be overlooked when stocking up on kitchen basics.

5. Toaster

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Are you looking for a way to get the family out of the door faster in the mornings? Then you must get your hands on a toaster. A four-slot toaster is a great appliance for families, with some models giving you the freedom to toast your bread to different shades, reheat your bread, keep it warm, defrost and even toast a bagel. This website has some great recommendations.

6. Mini-fridge

Having a large fridge in a kitchen is essential nowadays, but sometimes that is not enough. When in need for some extra space, buying another big fridge is expense and unnecessary. That is why mini-fridge is a great option. They are great for pantry, or outdoors, it can be used for both food or drinks, and it also can fit in your kitchen without taking too much space. If you are not sure you should get one, visit and read why mini-fridge is a great option for any house.

Extra Snazzy Kitchen Appliances

Not everything in your kitchen has to be detrimental to life, some appliances have been designed to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. And with the following appliances helping you to get things done faster, there will be no limit to what you will be able to get done with your day!

1. Countertop grill

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Fancy grilling some burgers without going out into the cold backyard to do so? Then you will need a handy electric grill that will help you to make a sizzling set of burgers from the comfort of your kitchen work surface.

2. Slow cooker

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The most succulent and tender meat is made with a slow cooker. Try popping your minced meat in the cooker in the morning on low and you will have the softest bolognese sauce by dinner time! The best thing about a slow cooker is that the food practically cooks itself, that’s right, hands-free cooking is now possible!

3. Blender or juicer

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There is no easier way for you to get your five a day in before you have even left the house than to use a blender or juicer to make some healthy juice or thick and creamy milkshakes or smoothies in the morning. A juicer will even help you to get the juice out of some of the toughest ingredients such as wheatgrass, kale and other superfoods.

4. Water cooler

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Drinking lukewarm water in the height of summer is an experience we would all like to avoid. Treat yourself to a water cooler and enjoy ice-cold water all year round!