Top 8 Gift Ideas for Tech-Savvy Seniors 2024

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The joke about age used to be about programming a VCR. Does anyone even remember those? Personal computing technology has become so pervasive for so long that even seniors are looking for ways to use it.

However, there are still challenges that seniors face to using more technology. These include the normal signs of aging like losing hearing and vision, loss of mobility due to arthritis, and even slipping memories.

Make their life a bit easier with some of these tech-oriented gift ideas.

1. Senior-Friendly Phones

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It warms the heart to see older adults being comfortable with modern gadgets, some even beating the young ones in games. It’ll probably delight them even more to see pictures of themselves or their loved phones in custom smartphone cases. Wait not for the holidays to give them personalized gifts to suit their techie lifestyle. Visit and check the offer.

The move to mobile-only has increased drastically over the last decade In fact, you may not even see a home phone option on many forms you now fill out. Even if there is an old landline available for your loved one, they likely still need a mobile phone.

The modern push towards smartphones can be challenging for seniors. They constantly change operating system interfaces, feature many confusing icons, and can be difficult to use if your senior only wants to make phone calls. Fortunately, there are senior-friendly phones, like Jitterbug Direct.

Senior-friendly phones have larger buttons and bigger screen displays, making it easy for seniors to see what they are doing. They also simplify the user experience with models that only have phone functionalities or have simplified smartphone technology.

2. Bluetooth Hearing Aids

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While we are talking about phones, we should also talk about hearing aids. One of the common ailments to aging is reduced hearing. It’s common for people to need hearing assistance as they age, oftentimes investing inexpensive hearing aids.

These aids often pose a challenge to using a cell phone. One of the greatest adaptations of technology for those getting older is pairing Bluetooth technology with hearing aids. This allows your loved one to connect hearing aids directly to their phone. This means no longer they have to try to hold the handset just right to hear.

It also creates a seamless user experience. Seniors no longer have to swap out earpieces when going from to face to face conversations to using their phone. There is a wide range of quality Bluetooth hearing aids with a variety of prices on the market today. If you’re looking for the best options, check out ZipHearing. Working with a qualified hearing aid specialist ensures you get what your loved one needs without wasting your money.

3. Item Locator

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Have you ever lost your keys? Most of us have, and it’s exceptionally frustrating, even with a generally good memory. Now imagine you have short-term memory issues.

This is why an item locator can be so helpful to seniors. Whether you attach it to a wallet, a phone, the keys, or even the television remote, seniors don’t have to worry about trying to remember where they put something.

These work in two ways. First, they work with GPS on a phone. Seniors can open the app and see the last place the tile was updated.

The second way is to activate the sound on the tile, allowing your senior to find the specific location. If a senior has lost their phone, some models activate a sound on your phone as you get closer to the tile to help find the exact location of the missing item.

4. Wireless Charging Station

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One of the next best gifts to consider for a techy senior is a wireless charging station. Most watches and phones are now wireless charging compatible. This is great for seniors who are dealing with arthritis making it difficult to reach and grab for a cable. Once the charger is set up, you simply set it down and the phone starts charging.

Be sure to consider the case that is on a senior’s phone, too. Not all cell phone cases are compatible with wireless charging.

5. Robotic Vacuum

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Speaking of arthritis and problems with movement, the autonomous robotic vacuum makes a great gift as well. This allows your loved one to maintain a clean house, but not requiring them to lug a heavy vacuum around.

You will want to plan some time to help get it setup since it will require some time to set up the cleaning schedule and WiFi.

6. Doorbell Camera & Smart Locks

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A doorbell camera and smart lock can be just the ticket to help anyone having difficulty getting around.

The doorbell camera allows them to see who is at the door without ever having to get to the door. You can connect this to digital home hubs as well as smartphones or tablets. They can see who it is and decide if it is worth the effort to make the journey to the door.

For safety, the smart lock is a great companion to the doorbell camera. Some models allow you to open the lock remotely. This allows them to open the door for people without ever having to get up. Remote access is especially helpful for anyone who might be recovering from or preparing for surgery.

Additionally, it allows you to open the door for emergency responders if you think your loved one is in need of help.

7. Smartwatch

The smartwatch is something some people love and some people hate. However, for seniors with health issues, they can be a lifesaver.

Take the Apple Watch as an example. Both series 4 and series 5 watches have two critical functions for monitoring health.

First, it has a fall detector on it. When it detects a fall, it will pop up an alert on your watch. If you do not respond within one minute it automatically calls emergency services and notifies your emergency contacts. You can see how this can be life-saving for someone experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Second, is the continuous heart rate monitoring. This will automatically notify you if it detects rapid, slow, or even an irregular heart rhythm. This allows you to seek medical attention earlier in the case of some cardiac events.

8. A Protective Phone Case


For seniors that love technologies and their phones, a durable phone case is a must. As the phones are getting bigger, they have bigger screens, which allows them to be easily adapted to fit their user needs. This way, it becomes easier to see what is on that phone. However, a bigger screen comes with additional dangers, those dangers being shattering and a larger surface than can crack.

Therefore, you should get them a heavy-duty protective phone case.  However, there is no need to stay on the dull side by choosing a boring flip case that they will need to open and close constantly. It is time to improve the phone and not to add more issues.

Burga has over 100+ designs, and you will easily find ones that the seniors will love, from classical marble patterns to earthy tones. These designs come in a Tough version that offers complete all-around protection and has a raised bezel for the screen and camera. The double-layer design provides shock-proof protection, and the phone will stay safe and sound even if it falls to the ground.

9. Home Phone

Another great tech gift option for seniors is a modern home phone. Many seniors still rely on traditional landline phones, but modern phones offer a range of advanced features that can make communication easier and more convenient. For example, some modern phones have large, easy-to-read displays, amplified sound, and built-in answering machines. Others can be connected to smartphones or other devices, allowing seniors to make and receive calls from anywhere in the house.

Additionally, some home phones are designed with emergency features that can automatically call for help in the event of a fall or other emergency. Overall, a modern home phone can be a thoughtful and practical gift for seniors who want to stay connected while enjoying the latest technology.

You Know Your Senior Best

There are so many more things you could get for your tech-savvy senior, these just begin to scratch the surface. Other things include such items as digital assistants or digital home hubs, tablets, and more.

The best thing to do is to cover the basics and then look to their needs and desires. Match your gift with what they feel their needs are along with something easy for them to learn to use and integrate into their life.