7 Ways To Keep Your House Clean With Dogs

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Having a canine companion will bring you many years of happiness and laughter. With that, you can also expect a house full of fur, puppy footprints, scratched-up leather seats, or punctured upholstery.

If you own a furry friend, it is totally normal to have a messy house. In fact, your house will get messy and dirty. It’s inevitable and you are certainly not alone in this.

You’re reading this because you’re searching for ideas to keep and maintain a clean and orderly house. Below, we provide seven quick tips you can start doing immediately. These tips and tricks will save you both time and money.

  1. Give your pup a pedicure

Trimming your pooch’s nails is crucial. It prevents nail damage, scratched hardwood floors, damaged leather chairs or sofa, or punctured fabric. According to DogLeash Pro, it is recommended that pet owners trim their canine nails every 2 to 4 weeks.

Giving your four-legged friends a pedicure means trimming their nails and washing their paws. If it’s raining outside, your pup’s paw may carry dirt and mud into the house.

Here’s how you can prevent your floors or carpets from getting muddy or dirty:

First, many owners will train their canine pups to wipe their paws on the doormat before entering the house. Alternatively, pet owners could use a paw washer that contains soft brushes to brush out the dirt in-between the pads. Lastly, you could place a towel near the front or back door and use it to wipe down your four-legged friend’s paw before they come into the house.

  1. Use doormats and washable throw rugs

Doormats and washable throw rugs come in a variety of color schemes and in different styles. Place the doormats right outside the front or back door so your dog can wipe its paws before entering the house.

It’s best to place the washable throw rugs under the dining room table or sofa, in front of the kitchen sink, or any other places where your pup loves to lounge. What’s great about these types of rugs is that they are very absorbent of water and are easy to clean. Simply wipe them down with a damp rag and it’s clean again!

Some owners prefer carpet tiles. They are great options as well. If there’s an accident where the stain can’t be removed, you can replace the dirty square or rectangular tiles instead of the entire carpet.

  1. Use a robot vacuum

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If you have dogs that shed a lot, expect to vacuum at least three times a week. To save you time and labor, we recommend using a robot vacuum that is designed for a home with dogs so it can easily clean up dog hair, debris, and dirt.

Some active dogs like Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds love to play, run, and roll around in the backyard. When they come back into the house, they may bring in dirt, leaves, or debris on their paws or coat.

While non-shedding pets don’t shed as much hair as other dogs, you can still expect some dog hair in your carpet, rugs, or on your floor.

If you are either tired of vacuuming or find yourself having to vacuum again because your furry friend just dirty the clean carpet, it’s time to consider using a robot vacuum. They are quiet and programmable to run on a set schedule.

So whether you’re at home, out for a walk, or asleep, the robot vacuum is hard at work for you.

  1. Add a durable yet cozy throw over seat cushions or frequent nap spots

If your canine companions love to lie down at the end of your bed or if his common lounge area is on top of your sofa, toss a durable yet cozy throw over it. This will prevent your pup from scratching up the sofa cushions or puncture your expensive upholstery.

Doing so also prolongs the life of your bed and furniture. We recommend choosing throws made of an acrylic-cotton blend or 100 percent cotton because cotton fabrics are machine-washable and can withstand wear and tear.

  1. Place a rimmed tray under the dog bowl

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Even our well-fed four-legged friends can act like they haven’t eaten in days! As soon as you put food into their food bowl, they chomp away like a lion. It can get very messy. Expect some kibbles to fly out of the bowl and land on the floor. When our doggie finishes their meal with water, you may notice water dripping from their mouth.

All of this means there is a mess around the food bowl. A quick way to solve this problem is to place a rimmed tray under the dog bowl. This way, it catches the mess and allows you to easily clean it up.

  1. Spray your dog’s food bowl with cooking spray

While you’re near your dog’s bowl, you may also want to add a quick spritz of cooking spray to your dog’s bowl. This will keep stains from setting in and left-over crumbs from getting stuck on the bowl.

Washing your dog’s food bowl will be a breeze!  Best of all, it won’t add any calories to your dog’s diet.

  1. Use a pair of latex gloves to get rid of dog hair

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Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on lint rollers and taking the time to rip off the dirty sticky sheets, try slipping on a pair of latex gloves instead. Rub your gloved hands along the interior of your car including the seats, glove boxes, cup holders, carpets, armrests, and roof.

You won’t believe how much dog hair will stick onto the latex gloves! Inside the house, rub your gloved hands along the chair, sofa, and your furry friend’s favorite spot. You’ll notice tons of fur sticking onto the glove.

To get rid of the fur, simply run your gloved hands under the warm water for a few minutes. The fur will slip right off.