e-PR in Time of Coronavirus – 4 Trends to Follow in 2024

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2024 transformed communications and upgraded PR techniques. Why? For starters, COVID-19 pandemic altered the ways in which the information sphere is developing. Physical people-to-people contacts have been brought to a minimum.

This means that more rapid ways of interaction including reorganized business negotiations are encouraged along with distance working. People who are required to work from home due to the current state of emergency and suddenly realized that all those long work meetings could be reduced to just emails or calls, will go back to offices with the determination to optimize their work time and space. Therefore, more online-based solutions championed by e-PR will be prioritized.

The analysis of what PR has brought in chaotic 2024 reveals 4 trends for stakeholders in the context of a coronavirus emergency.

  1. Data Interpretation will Become Vital

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As now more than ever digital has become an integral part of everyday life including work routine, analyzing data is a vital skill for every PR professional. From now on, data interpretation will be required for managing PR strategies, measuring their impact and defining the overall value of these efforts. Consumers expect more transparency and accuracy; hence, PR strategies need to be more comprehensive and not just number-driven.

  1. PR and Communications will Become even more Digital

2024 made everything more digital than ever and marketing and PR are no exception. Online brand and business development strategies will become a vital part of corporate and personal communications despite the fact that social media has already taken a big piece of that pie. People avoid unnecessary interactions and will continue to do so throughout the year even when COVID pandemic is over.

For PR and media specialists this will mean more attention to digital platforms and their audiences. Fear of being infected forced even the most conservative readers to switch to digital newspapers. In terms of marketing, this will mean more attention to online content, audiences, their preferences and, hence, more digital advertising possibilities for businesses. Now, PR pros need to be more digital-savvy and flexible as the experience has shown that the business as usual can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

  1. More Specialized PR and Tailor-Made Approach

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As consumers have become more critical of marketing techniques, PR professionals have more pressure in terms of quality and time. And if you’re looking for the best quality PR services, e-PR’s tailor-made approach to every client is the way to go. When a PR agency demonstrates a deep understanding of their clients’ businesses or brand specifics, it can choose the best advertisement technique or platform. Customized decision-making can ensure the best possible move for the business at the given time. For instance, in times of Coronavirus outbreak, people are panic-buying from stores, thus creating crowds and long-lines.

In the PR industry business-owners have an opportunity to buy their PR services online. However, business owners need to think smarter. They can continue their brand and business marketing the old-fashioned way by choosing, negotiating and paying different stakeholders one-by-one. Or else they can hire a PR agency to do it for them, which will end up being more expensive and not always efficient. But let’s be honest, above mentioned options are not relevant in the times of Coronavirus crisis.

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There is, however, an alternative way or if you wish kind of a compromise between conservative and modern ways of brand promotion.  Businesses may hire a PR specialist who will learn about the brand’s audiences, segmentation and then release targeted and personalized messages in the frequency and format that is beneficial to the client. Now imagine all this can be done from a personal computer comfortably sitting on the couch with just a few clicks.

“How?” This is where e-PR comes to your rescue. Basically, it is an online magazine of various media outlets. The website will launch mid-April and will allow you to do personal or business promotion services in just a few minutes. You go to the website, open an account, upload the info that you wish to release, choose the media outlets you prefer, pay via your personal account for your product placement and voilà you are set.

No need to worry about different media policies, budgets, deadlines or payment methods. E-PR is the middleperson between client and media ready to take all the organizational load on its shoulders. In other words, this new platform allows you to do your personal or corporate promotion as you would do your online shopping from Amazon.

  1. Human Input Relevant than ever

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When every electronic device, service or platform is ruled by algorithms, PR needs to have a human element to remain relevant and to have added value. In times when social media followers can be bought or replaced by bots, it is not enough to send out the information to the world. PR specialists need to create meaningful engagements.

Quality is more important than quantity as only quality ensures effectiveness.  More than ever, in 2024, PR agencies will need to demonstrate a deep understanding of clients’ goals and utilize their creativity to reach maximum effect. Some PR agencies already offer automatized smart solutions such as SaaS (Software as a service). Users can distantly manage their own PR campaigns from the gadgets. However, the most important instrument, namely creativity, is left out.

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e-PR team of professionals will be ready to assist you with your needs both in choosing a target audience and the best media outlet for your publication. Learning about a client’s interests and goals requires an individualized, tailor-made approach to each one of them. This and many other related services can be obtained through e-PR online platforms.

Taking into consideration rapid developments, 2024 will remain in history as a year of pandemic-related changes such as consumers’ panic-buying either offline or online and inventing new behavioral techniques such as social distancing or self-quarantine. In this context, 2024 will make PR and communications even more digital both for businesses and users. Businesses will have no choice but to delegate most of their communication and PR tasks to online platforms that have necessary means and strategies to stay ahead of the changing world.