How To Be Fun And Less Boring To Be Around: Guide For Non-Funny People


Do you think anyone can be naturally funny? Yes, it can be possible. But what If you’re not a humorous person? You can learn this skill by researching, studying, and practicing. You can also take ideas from jokesbuzz to tell the latest jokes and funny pick-up lines to your friends.

Your friends might get offended if you always come off as a boring person because most people love to be around a jolly person, so he can crack hilarious jokes to make them laugh.

Do you feel you’re not a funny friend? Don’t worry. This guide will tell you how to be a humorous person.

1. Listen Attentively


As the wise man once said, “A person who listens well speaks well.” So if you want to increase your ability to make funny jokes or witty remarks, it would be better to listen to conversations around you carefully. Experts advise us to listen carefully to other conversations because it gives you an idea of how to give spontaneous or clever comments. So, where does the humor come from? Saying unexpected things at the right time. But be careful what you say.

First, analyze the tone of conversation happening around. For example, if someone is telling you an emotional story and you jump up with funny remarks. It will be considered an inappropriate act.

2. Give Unexpected Answers

Another rule for beginners who want to be humorous is giving unexpected answers. It is the easiest way to make your friends laugh.

It is simple like if the people are expecting “Yes” from you, say “No” instead, and when they want to listen to “No,” you say “Yes.” Giving an expected answer to a common question is a premise and a great place to start.

For example, if someone asks a professional chef if he is good at cooking delicious recipes. He is expecting the answer “yes, I love cooking tasty recipes.” but the chef says the opposite: “well, I haven’t killed anyone with my cooking yet? They’d probably start laughing instantly. So next time when someone asks you a simple question, tell them the opposite.

3. Learn a lot of Jokes


If you want to be a source of entertainment for your friends or co-workers, you will need to adopt a habit of always having a joke ready to roll off your tongue. Being able to tell jokes at any time will save you from falling into awkward silences that could come off as bored and uninvolved with the current company culture.

If you’re not naturally funny or create your own joke, then don’t worry. You can easily browse some hilarious jokes online from different websites or streaming platforms like YouTube. You can watch standup comedy videos and try to act in a similar way around your friends when performing the joke.

4. Do your Research and Practice

Studying and researching by yourself will also help you craft your humorous skills. Also, take your time practicing the skills you have learned or researched. After researching, you have to practice to the extent that it looks natural to you. As they say, practice makes a man perfect. When you do practice, you will learn, and then you will be able to be naturally funny.

Now, what type of material you should look for while studying and researching. First, watch stand-up comedians online and how they speak while cracking a joke. Observing their body language and behavior can also help. They can be a good source of inspiration for you.

Another group you can take inspiration from is talk show hosts. They don’t crack funny jokes like stand-up comedians, but they speak well and are always ready to entertain their guests. After observing them, you need to practice whatever you learn. Do practice in front of the mirror. Initially, you may find this ridiculous. But when you do practice, you’ll become habitual.

5. Share your embarrassing moments openly


You can also choose to tell funny stories about yourself from your own life rather than just going out of the way and telling random jokes you hear at a bar or a comedy club. Sharing your own personal experiences that make you giggle like a schoolchild is something no one in their right mind would pass up if it were offered to them.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy hearing about other peoples’ misadventures if those stories are told with humor and make others laugh? Your friend will start appreciating your company a lot more once you have successfully adopted these traits.

6. Stay Confident

As you have seen, stand-up comedians talk with confidence and seem relaxed. So you should take inspiration from them. Your goal should be to entertain people around you. But if you want to be the center of attraction, people will laugh at you, not at your jokes. For example, if you have recently heard a joke, don’t tell anyone before practicing yourself. First, practice in front of the mirror, when you feel confident while saying that joke, then tell your friends.

7. Cheer the people around you


There’s always one friend in the circle who cheers everyone up regardless of the situation. Be that one for your friends. If a friend or more is struggling with something and needs advice or merely a comforting company, then do that for them. Be a fun, nonjudgemental person who would listen to their sorrows and advise them wisely. People love this type of person.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a funny person, it will not only help in gaining popularity, but also your friends will enjoy your company. If you want to be a humorous person you have to practice a little. You can study, research, and then practice in front of the mirror. Make sure to make a joke according to the situation. Otherwise, people will laugh at you, not at your jokes. Take inspiration from stand-up comedians and talk show hosts. I hope this article will help you make a funny person.