8 Lighting Hacks to Make your Home Look Awesome

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Lighting forms the essence of a household. Lights help create the mood.  Good lighting setup helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself. Different types of lighting setups can be used to create the mood. If you want to spend a romantic evening at home, then you can use dim lights in order to create the mood. Lights can also be used to decorate the household. You can have different types and kinds of lights in the household.

Not only will the lights brighten up the surroundings but will also help add an element of joy and glee. Efficient use of lights can make your house look wonderful. Guests and colleagues will love visiting your house if it is well lit. A dark house looks quite uninviting. You can use curtains to complement a room’s lighting setup. You can get in touch with PHBlinds. if you happen to be looking for  new curtains and/or windows for your house.

Lighting has an important role to play in enhancing the overall look and feel of your house. You can use a wide variety of lights to add a tinge of brightness.

1. Use lamps instead of flourescent lights

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The idea is to create ambiance in a space. The moment you switch a light on, you should be able to experience positive vibes. Avoid bright and fluorescent lights overhead. Opt for table and floor lamps. These illuminate the house and do not make you feel uncomfortable.

The good thing about lamps is: they consume less power than fluorescents, which means you can cut on your electricity bills. Also, lamps are brighter and do not strain the eyes. Lamps are bright enough to provide you with plenty of light.

2. Get a lamp near the bed

Well, this can be a matter of personal choice. Those who love to read during the wee hours of the night can keep a table lamp near the bed. Lamps are optimally sized and do not occupy too much space, which means they can be kept almost anywhere.

Make sure the lamp you are using is bright enough to provide you with ample light during nighttime. You can keep lamps on both sides of the bed if you want to. Again, it happens to be a matter of personal preference. This will make your room look warmer and brighter.

3. Lighting up your make-up space

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Experts say that your face requires ample light whenever you apply make-up. Many of the make-up specialists say that standing near a window while applying make-up is definitely a good idea. (gives you access to natural light during the day). If you do not have access to natural light, then get a bulb of 60 to 65 Watt. Also, it would be great if you could stand in front of a light source while applying make-up (and not below it). This will help you avoid shadows.

4. Keep candles handy

Candles help generate positive vibes and energy. These are cost-effective and provide ample brightness. You can use a considerable number of candles at night in order to illuminate the surroundings. Pair them up with incense sticks to create a positive vibe. Also, if heavy light bulbs do not excite you, then you can definitely opt for candles. Just make sure you keep all of the candles away from the reach of children. Candles can be used during nighttime. They do come in handy during power cuts.

5. Mix it up

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Mix up different kinds of lights together. You can use LED lights, lamps, chandeliers, etc. All of this will add to the ‘variety’ of lights in your house. Lights can also be installed outside the house to ‘ornament’ the surroundings. Don’t go for the most expensive lighting options. Just go for the ones that solve your purpose. Having different types and kinds of lights  makes the household look ‘bright’ and vivid.

6. Install a dimmer

Getting a dimmer installed isn’t going to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can get a good dimmer for US$20. Remember to turn off your circuit breaker. You can remove all of the old switches using a screwdriver. You also need to keep an eye on the wires as well as the voltage tester. Get a dimmer switch installed, and you will be ready to host a romantic dinner party with your better half.

7. Mirrors and windows need to be placed strategically

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The laws of reflection are quite confusing, aren’t they? Not many of us felt comfortable while drawing those ray diagrams. Ah, you do not have to be an expert in physics to use reflections to your advantage. Try hanging a mirror beside the window and you will be able to increase the natural lighting in your room. This is a great way of cutting down on your electricity bills. The room looks well lit if sunlight is used wisely. This practice can be followed on days that are bright and sunny.

8. Unleash your creativity

You can use your creativity to a good extent while setting up the lighting scheme in your house. Use a few decorative lights to make your house look presentable and ‘bright’. There is a lot you can do with lights to make your house look presentable. It all depends on how creative you are. Lamps and LEDs can be placed in various rooms to create a uniform look and feel. It is a great way of making things look presentable.

Final words

Do not take lighting for granted. It is one of the most important factors that end up enhancing the overall look and feel of your house. Make sure your house is well lit.

Lighting is an important part of your household. A bright and well lit home is a symbol of optimism and joy. Make sure your house gives out positive vibes to visitors and instills a sense of optimism in their minds.