Are Electric Lawn Mowers More Environmentally Friendly?


The great thing is that paying more attention to the environment is one of the biggest trends today. People must realize that many types of machinery, the process of getting resources, and creating energy are causing many issues in nature. Therefore, everyone needs to implement some new habits toward more sustainable options when it comes to resources.

Some of the biggest trends today are the expansion of solar and wind energy, electric vehicles, recycling, and alternative methods used in the production of goods. When it comes to electric vehicles, it is proven they are a much better option since there is no emission of carbon dioxide while driving. Many other devices can be found with engines that are using electricity instead of fuel. One of those devices is the electric lawn mower.

Depending on the area where you live and the size of your backyard, you might need to use this device even more than once per week. Keep in mind that mowers with fuel engines can leave traces all around the lawn, which will affect the plants and wildlife. On the other side, the electric model is a much safer solution, and it will bring some technical advantages as well. If you want to read more about some of the best models of electric mowers available on the market today, check this website.

While they have the same purpose, there are many differences between the gas-powered and electric models. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the main reasons to consider replacing your old mower with a modern version that is using the battery and explain to you how it will bring benefits to you and the environment.

What Are the Issues With Standard Mowers?


Before we start talking about the electric models, it is important to understand why it is important to replace the old models that require oil. First of all, these models are using fuel to operate, which is causing an increased emission of CO2 and other harmful substances.

Besides that, the engine will require machine oil, which can often leak from the engine and fall on the ground.

From the moment when this oil is on the ground, the area around it will be affected. It might not sound like a big issue, but you should consider that after years of mowing your lawn the effects could become serious. Therefore, even if you are using the old model, be sure that it is in good condition.

Key Advantage of Electric Lawn Mowers


As we already mentioned, the main reason why you should replace the old device with a new one that is using the battery is related to the effect it can have on the environment.

First of all, there will be a decrease in the use of fuel, which is linked to the reduction of the emission of harmful substances and pollution. The classic machine will require around 2 gallons per hour of work, which means that the reduction will be significant when looking at long terms.

Other Important Features


Besides the eco-friendliness, we have to mention the convenience, simplicity, and some other benefits provided with this option. While electric models are usually more expensive, it is a great long-term investment since the expenses related to the power source are much lower. We expect that the expenses will become even lower over time with the further expansion of renewable resources.

There are two types of electric mowers, with cords or with batteries. Both options bring some benefits and potential downsides. When it comes to the corded version, the main advantage is that there are no limitations related to the time, while the battery on these devices is still quite limited, and it is important to keep it charged before you start mowing.

The average time of the battery is only around one hour. However, we can expect models with much better battery life because this industry is developing very fast in recent years.

When it comes to mobility, the winner is a cordless device because you don’t have to deal with spreading the cable all over the backyard. Also, there might be a situation where the cable is not long enough so you won’t be able to reach some parts of the lawn.

Moreover, the maintenance is much easier since there are no filters, consumable parts, and sparkplugs. When it comes to the price, it depends on the power output and various additional features. In most cases, similar electric models will cost more than those that are using fuel. Before you buy this device, it is important to consider the specs required for your lawn.

How to Make the Right Choice?


We know that getting the standard model can be a much cheaper solution. Still, keep in mind that the effect of fossil fuels is very dangerous, and it is finally time to replace them with better alternatives. If you are looking for a more affordable solution that won’t cause any damage to the environment, the best solution is to get a corded mower. Even if you have a large field, you can resolve that by getting the additional cable for power.


It is a well-known fact that fuel is causing many issues to nature. We can notice that many industries are actively working on the implementation of proper alternatives that will secure lower impact on nature while keeping the same features or even adding some improvements. The best example is Tesla vehicles, which are more affordable when you are looking in long term, while technical abilities can be compared with some of the best sports cars.

Before you get an electric mower, determine your budget and requirements. For example, there is no need to invest in some advanced model with high power if you have a small backyard that you could easily keep in good condition even with an old-fashioned scythe.

Also, be sure to compare various brands, main features, prices, warranties, and more.