How To Maximize Your Electric Skateboard’s Battery Life – 2024 Guide

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In the era of technology in which we live, it is no wonder that things that are used for fun are also modernized. We are witnessing the emergence of electric scooters, which today serve as a serious means of transportation. However, today, we also have an electric skateboard that can give us incredible enjoyment. Of course, if you maintain it properly – and this primarily refers to its battery life. In our small guide for 2024, read how you can maximize your electric skateboard’s battery life.

21st Century Skateboard

Do you remember the famous movie from the 80’s Back to the Future? Famous actor Michael J. Fox was riding a flying skateboard back then. Although it was fiction in the 80’s – today we are getting closer to embody that vision of the future. One thing is for sure: skateboards have not lost their popularity since that time. Wheeled board has become fun for all generations, from children to adults – and skate parks are all around us today. Skateboarding has become a sport – and the skateboards themselves have taken on some new forms. One of them is the electric skateboard, which has become a real hit among members of all generations.

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Electric Skateboard: Similarities and Differences With the Non-Electric Version

In the era of new technologies, we were introduced to the hoverboard, the electric scooter, the electric bicycle – and now we have an electric skateboard. That’s right! The famous board also got its electric version. So here, we want to introduce you to an electric skateboard and its capabilities – but more importantly, with battery maintenance. At first glance, the electric skate is not too different from its non-electric versions. The electric motor is built into the axle on the rear wheels – and is almost imperceptible. That’s why the look of a traditional skateboard is still there. The absence of a brake is noticeable, which in traditional skateboards is placed on the tail –  and is made of hard plastic or a combination of plastic and metal. So how does an electric skateboard brake then? Very simple! With the help of remote control.

A Good Battery Is The Heart Of An Electric Skateboard

Just like with other electrical devices and vehicles such as electric scooters – the electric skateboard also has a battery. We can say that it is the heart of your skateboard and its main power force. However, battery life largely depends on how you maintain it. Also, the battery life of your electric skateboard can be measured in terms of the number of charge cycles, the time you use it – or the distance traveled. Still, in the end, it all comes down to how you use and take care of your electric skateboard, including the battery. Electric skateboards are generally reliable, durable, and require very little maintenance. But, you must be careful because certain parts are sensitive.

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How To Improve Battery Life?

In addition to the board and wheels, which are part of every skateboard – electric skateboards also have some specific parts. Of course, one of the most important is the battery. The two most popular types of batteries that are built into electric skateboards are SLA (based on lead and acid) – and lithium batteries. SLA batteries are almost completely outdated, and their only advantage is that they are much cheaper than lithium ones. According to Asiana Circus, it all depends on your needs and of course, your budget. Luckily, today you can choose from a wide range of electric skateboards. Still, we stay with the opinion that lithium batteries are far better, more durable, and safer. It is very important to take care when charging these batteries and to use adequate chargers – so as not to damage them. Here are some additional things you need to pay attention to if you want to make the battery on your skateboard last longer.

Do Not Exceed The Allowed Weight

Each electric skateboard has in its specification information on how much weight and load it can support. This is very important for your electric skateboard to function properly and be safe. Exceeding the permissible weight has its negative effects on both – the engine and the battery itself. Namely, under a load higher than the limited one, the battery consumes more energy, discharges faster – and the load on the engine is much higher. Therefore, adhere to the stated restrictions.

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Never Completely Discharge The Battery

As in the case of electric scooters, with electric skateboards, completely discharging the battery is not at all recommended. If you discharge the battery completely to zero percent – it will put you in a situation where you will have to buy a new one very quickly, and that is not a cheap thing. Some electric skateboard experts estimated that if you discharge the battery completely – it can reduce its capacity by more than 70 percent. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not allow discharges that will be greater than 25 or 30 percent.

Do Not Expose The Battery To High Temperatures

This should be taken seriously, as the situation is the same with all devices powered by a lithium battery. So don’t keep your skateboard exposed to the sun or high temperatures for too long. One thing is for sure: If you want your battery to last longer, use it at a moderate temperature, say 16 to 26 degrees Celsius. Apply the same principle in the case of low temperatures.

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Charge The Battery Regularly And Monitor The Indicators

It is recommended that you keep a history of the battery – such as the battery identification number, the date of manufacture, the date you started using it, and the details of the battery. Of course, the battery also needs to be charged regularly. Do not leave it empty for a long time. After charging, follow the indicators on the charger connector – because that will tell you if the battery is properly and well charged. Do not charge the battery of the electric skateboard immediately after the ride. Just let it cool down for at least 15 minutes before putting it on the charger.


In the end, we can say that electric skateboards are so much fun –  but in reality, electric skateboards are much more than that. They are probably the easiest way to move fast and go wherever you want. If you’ve never ridden a skateboard, you may think that electric skateboards are a dangerous toy that moves at dizzying speeds – and is used to perform crazy flips and tricks under voltage. But this is not true. Electric skateboards and longboards are primarily a means of transportation. Ordinary people, who do normal jobs, use them as a way to get to their jobs faster – and as the only vehicle that they can take with them and bring into public transport without any problems.